How to Know if Your Relationship Is Karmic, a Soul Mate, or a Twin Flame

Published Date 2/12/2017
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Before you start searching for a love nest, figure out if you're destined to be.

Relationships always take their own unique shape and substance. Some result in lifelong partnerships, while others devolve into name-calling and eventual separation. Three different types of love exist: twin flame, karmic, and soul mate. Which category best describes your relationship?

Karmic Love: A Lesson Learned

Your karmic love exists to teach you a lesson. Maybe you repeat negative patterns in relationships, for instance, or perhaps the universe wants you to develop more compassion, trust, or joy. This love comes into your life for a specific purpose and exits the relationship when your psychic wounds heal.

Soul Mate Love: Your Perfect Match

Think of your soul mate as your better half. You might not share a single quality in common, but you fit together like puzzle pieces. People often marry their soul mates because they can't imagine a life without one another. You're inextricably linked both emotionally and spiritually.

Twin Flame Love: Your Mirror Image

A twin flame might seem like a soul mate at first, but these loves typically prove extremely intense, then naturally fizzle out. Your twin serves as your mirror image: You have many qualities in common as well as a few complementary differences, and your whirlwind romance seems epic as it unfolds. Some people live their entire lives with their twin flames, but they're just as likely to part ways when the romantic fire dies out.

Love Myths: There's No Right Answer

Can you marry a karmic love? Of course. Does your soul mate have to represent a romantic partner? Not always. Talking with an online psychic can help you figure out what type of love you're in. However, don't assume that a category can define your relationship. Over time, its purpose will reveal itself.

Relationship Report Card: Where Do You Fall?

Think about the subtleties of your relationship, such as the following:

  • Did you begin your relationship quickly and move forward faster than normal? You might have found your twin flame.
  • Does your partner challenge you in unique ways and encourage your mental or spiritual growth? Perhaps he or she represents a karmic love.
  • Can you tell your partner anything, without fear of judgment or resentment? That person might make excellent soul mate material.

Clairaudients can often provide guidance on romantic and platonic relationships. The more you understand your relationship, the easier it will become to define it.

Finding Your Bliss: What Love Do You Need?

Perhaps you're searching for your soul mate, but you fall in love with a karmic love instead. The universe has sent you a message. Maybe you're not ready for your soul mate yet. Embrace your relationships with your whole heart, then decide whether you've found your karmic, soul mate, or twin flame love.

Now that you're more familiar with these types of love, you can evaluate your current relationship. Do you see a future together as soul mates? Do you continue to reunite with your twin flame? Or are you learning a valuable lesson? Knowing the answers can help you find a healthy, sustainable relationship.


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