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Published Date 12/3/2021
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Dreams about an ex can have a variety of meanings.

Dreaming about an ex-lover is very common, especially after creating a new relationship or after a breakup because in that time of period we are more emotionally vulnerable. We do not know where things are going and maybe we are struggling to establish an emotional balance within us. Most of the time these dreams show pending issues between you and your ex. In this case, you need to look within your deep soul and see how you really feel. The unconscious tries to teach you a lesson, through a dream.

These dreams can mean many things depending on when and what happens during the dream. Sigmund Freud states that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. Indeed, there are two types of dreams. There are dreams about your ex that bring unconscious thoughts to your consciousness. This way the soul tries to heal from any traumatic thought or feeling associated with separation. However, there are also dreams that work like warnings, and in many cases they are premonitions. The different symbols of dreams will indicate which type of dream about your ex you had.

Symbols of Dreams About Your Ex

♥ If you dream that you are angry with your ex, it means that you have serious disagreements between you two that led to the separation, and your dream advises to avoid conflicts.

♥ If you dream that your ex is apologizing to you for any reason, it means that he or she made you suffer some disappointments.

♥ If you dream that you have a child with your ex, when in fact you do not have children together, it means that you experienced good moments in your relationship and that you want something to happen that will help you be together again.

♥ If in your dream you see your ex as your partner again, but you feel sad, it means that there is something that makes you angry or something hurts you, and you no longer want to be with your partner. If your partner feels sad, then it means that you have the same feelings, but you don’t show it.  This dream is more common in women.

♥ If you dream that your ex is dying, it is a symbolic death and it shows that you will soon make a new relationship or are going to marry someone else.

♥ If you dream that you are talking to your ex it means jealousy, anger, accusations and conflicts with that person.

♥ To dream that one of your enemies is with your ex, this means that third person played a negative role in your relationship.

♥ Dreaming about your ex's parents means an unexpected surprise, but also problems.

♥ To dream that your ex offers you a gift, means joy.

♥ If in your dream you see your ex's house, your dream shows that you are still emotionally vulnerable to that person.

♥ If in the dream your ex kisses you, it means that he or she still loves you. But if you do not like the kiss they give you, it means they want to go back to the life you had but they do not dare to approach you because he or she is afraid that you will reject them. If while kissing you, someone sees you, it means that there was someone in your relationship, such as your parents/siblings or friends who contributed negatively for your relationship to end.

♥ If you dream that your ex leaves and then returns, it means that he or she still loves you but is disappointed with your character or the way you have been behaving lately. This dream advises you to avoid situations that can lead to the final dissolution of your relationship.

♥ To dream that your ex is getting married, that means that this person has the desire to get married or is thinking about it.

♥ If you are married and dream of your ex, it means that your spouse will find out if you are in a relationship with someone else.

♥ If in your dream you see a photo of your ex, it means that you want to go back and try to be more lenient with him or her.

♥ If you dream that you are having sex with your ex, it means that you are still in love and obsessed with him or her.  

♥ If you dream that someone is talking bad about your ex, it means that there has been gossip and slander about your relationship.

♥ To dream that your ex tells you that they love you, it means that you still love him or her.

♥ If you dream that your ex is trying to get you back, but you resist, it means that you still love him or her, but you do not give them the opportunity to return and you somehow reject them.

♥ If you dream that you are moving away from your ex, it means that you want to get rid of a situation that is unpleasant and annoying.

♥ If you dream that you are traveling in a car with your ex, but either of you get out of the car, it means you will follow different paths in life, but if you get back in the car again, then it means that he or she is likely to return.

There may even be more scenarios, but this covers a good bit of them for sure. Your subconscious mind through these dreams tries to help you find happiness. Some aspects of these dreams give you clues about your feelings, and make you realize the mistakes in your relationship and what you can do to correct them. Some other aspects of these dreams are premonitions predicting what future holds for you and your ex. Ultimately, they help you heal your emotional wounds or eliminate any negative feelings you still have with that person. 

Being able to interpret the right meaning of your dreams will help you make the right decisions and bring peace to your heart.

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