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The Powerful Connection Between Finding Love and Energy Healing by Psychic Jasmine

Date 12/4/2020
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We attract what we are, not what we want!

We attract what we are, not what we want!

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One of the most common themes humans encounter is the desire to be with their divine counterpart. Some call this person their life partner while others use the term "soul mate." I prefer to focus on the concept of "twin flames" which is thought to be the highest form of the soul mate connection (as well as the person who shares the same DNA imprinting as you).

Now, I know you're probably wondering "what does this have to do with energy healing?"

Well, when we are attracting - or calling in our love interests - our energy affects what we receive, how we receive it, and when. When we are clear in our intentions, we are able to manifest what we desire faster with less interference. 

However, when we have confusion and are not certain about our own subconscious fears and blocks, we manifest what we believe we deserve and are unconsciously accepting. This is why so many people find themselves repeating the same cycles of relationships, just with different people.  Until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn, karma will continue to creep in with new faces to make sure we are getting the experience we need to move forward in our mission. 

Clearing Our Energy
When we come to this earth, we have soul contracts and lessons we are meant to learn. When we make the choice to clear our energy, we are able to heed the voice of our higher self and move into our highest version; thus, attracting that in someone on the outside. 

When we choose to heal our energy, we choose to create the world we want to live in. By doing this we allow ourselves to have a direct connection with the divine, heal trauma that keeps us stuck in thought patterns and creating undesirable situations, and ascend into our highest timeline. 

Now, the way this works with our divine partner is that they - like others - will mirror our behaviors. Any time we make the conscious decision to clear out old programming, they will reflect this change. This means that once we decide to release that which no longer serves us, the Universe will respond by replacing the codependency we once had with something that helps us have more independence.

Live Fully in Your Mission
In a relationship context, this would be equivalent to releasing a toxic relationship due to understanding of how it was attracted and then meeting the literal person of your dreams who empowers you to live fully in your mission. Through energy healing we are able to see exactly why things have happened the way they did and create new circumstances for ourselves that are better suited for the life we came here to live and the love we consciously choose to have.

If you have want to know exactly what your subconscious is trying to alert you to so you can have a prospering relationship without anxiety, fear, or self-sabotage, I would be more than happy to do an energy reading to help clear the energies that are no longer serving you.

Remember… we attract what we are, not what we want!
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