How to Release Old Wounds by Psychic Victoria

Date 3/29/2020

Light a White Candle to help release old wounds.

Light a White Candle to help release old wounds.

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As a human being, we tend to hold on to the past. Any painful circumstance we experience may traumatize the cells in our body. When this happens, our mind and body hold on to these emotional memories so tightly. Then the mind creates a protective barrier so that we do not (or try not to) get hurt again. 

Because of this, we end up missing out on real love, a prosperous job, or having a healthy body. Our mind loves to try to protect us. It can do that by helping you pick up bad habits so that you may not get close to anyone, even yourself. I could go on forever about this topic, but I won't because I would rather share with you a simple ritual that can help you break habits and old belief systems created by your mind. This simple ritual can also be used with people who hurt you and any other emotional attachments you have that you want to be free of. 

If at the end of this article you have questions, then feel free to chat with me so you can get the most out of this as possible for your situation. It may be beneficial to read this over a few times before trying it.

All you will need:
1 White Candle (any size)
1 White piece of yarn (about 8 inches is good)

First take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to become relaxed. This may take several minutes for some people and that is quite ok.

Then call in your guides, angels, ancestors, the universe, your team of light, or who/whatever you feel connected to in your own words and say it out loud. As you do this know they are with you. After you call them into your space, thank them for their presence and ask them to help you release what no longer serves you.

Light the candle.
Stare into the candle for a few moments and breathe in the light. Intend the area around you is filled with light and peace. Ask your guides to help with this too if you are having doubts. Again, make sure you are relaxed before going to the next step.

Once you feel relaxed, take your piece of yarn/string and hold it in both your hands. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of your heart. Bring your mind and awareness to your heart and its heartbeat. As you feel the energy of your heart become tangible, begin to think about what hurts you the most. Allow any old thoughts to come up and allow yourself to feel the emotions. This is most important! 

Whatever negative emotion or event or behavior a person has done to you, put that energy into the yarn. You may feel sadness, anger, rage, and you may cry or want to scream. This is great… we want this! The more you allow yourself to feel the hurtful emotions, the more you will be able to release into the yarn. As you begin to feel the emotions subside, tie a knot in the yarn and think about the experience you have just gone through. Put all that energy and memory into that knot. Feel and know that you are releasing into the knot. 

You may also feel this isn't complete yet and you can allow yourself to come up with another situation or person that has affected you negatively in your life. Continue this process and add as many knots as you feel in this session. You may end up doing this with one situation or many. So, you will have one or many knots by the time you feel complete.

When you feel this ritual is done, stare into the light of the candle. Take a few deep breaths and breathe in the candlelight. Again, intend the area around you to be filled with light and peace along with yourself. 

Take your string and look at it. Talk to your guides out loud asking them to destroy all that no longer serves you in the string. Ask them to burn it away with love and gratitude for the learnings you have been given. 

Now burn the yarn in the flame of the candle. Make sure all of it is burned up. Let the candle go out on its own. Thank your guides and your team for being there and helping you through your process of letting go. Feel free to come back and do this as many times as you need, but also trust that it is done. 

May you be free of suffering and heartache. BIG LOVE & BLESSINGS to all of you! 

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