7 Tips for Mending a Strained Relationship with Your Father

Date 8/20/2020

Remember a happier time with your dad

Remember a happier time with your dad

A father-daughter relationship is unique. Interactions between a dad and a daughter can affect the way a woman matures, values herself, and conducts herself in other relationships. If the relationship between a father and daughter is strained, chances are the girl will struggle with self-esteem, decision-making, and other issues, as she tries to build a healthy life.

If your relationship with your dad is under pressure, here are seven tips to help alleviate the strain.

Have a Heart to Heart

Have a conversation with your dad about your feelings. For guidance on the best way to approach the discussion, try phoning an authentic psychic before the talk.  If the issue is anger, try to use that anger constructively to help your dad understand your feelings. And remember, communication is a two-way street, so allow your father to explain his side of things. Expressing anger in a constructive manner is one of the best ways to work through an unresolved issue.

Don't Expect Perfection

Ask yourself if you are realistic in your expectations of your father. Dads are not perfect. They make mistakes and learn as they go just like you do. Try not to expect any more from your dad than you would from yourself. Try to be measured in your expectations, and build on any progress that’s made.

Play a Different Movie in Your Mind

If you’re angry with your dad because of something from the past, delete that scene and replace it with a happier one. Think about all the great things that your dad has done for you, and keep the positive in mind instead of the negative.

Forgive Him

Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. When you forgive someone, it releases you from being hurt by that person any longer. It's okay to remember the cause of the pain, but letting it go allows you to move forward.

Talk it out with a Third Party

If you can't talk to your dad about your relationship with him, it's still important to talk it out. Try talking to an online psychic, or a friend who will listen. Sometimes just saying it out loud helps you feel better.

Write a Letter to Your Dad

Writing a letter is another way of expressing and releasing your feelings. You don't even have to mail the letter if you don’t want to. Just be honest in your writing, and then let go of the hurt.

Make the First Move

If you and your father don't have a relationship, then taking the first step toward starting one could be your best move. It could be that your dad wants a relationship with you but isn't sure where or how to begin, or perhaps he’s giving you space because he doesn't know if you want a relationship with him. Try reaching out by inviting him to have a cup of coffee with you. It could be the first step toward building a good relationship with him.

Mending a broken relationship with your father can also help you strengthen other bonds in your life. It's time to release the anger and work toward building a happy, healthy life.


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