Grow Your Own Organic Garden by Psychic Indigo

Date 11/2/2017

You know exactly what's in your food when you're the one growing it!

You know exactly what's in your food when you're the one growing it!

What you give to Mother Earth, she'll give back. With genetically altered food (GMOs, or genetically modified organisms) in our markets without labels, and our bee population rapidly declining due to the world’s most widely used insecticide (neonicotinoids), Mother Earth needs our help! 

For those of you who don’t know about genetically altered food or GMOs, some large companies have altered certain foods such as corn, soy, and wheat (among others) in order to be pest resistant. These types of manmade plants are genetically altered from the seed and don’t reproduce. This doesn’t include the amount of pesticides sprayed onto the crops by men wearing protective jumpsuits to shield them from the toxicity of the chemicals. 

As an organic gardener, I believe this year is the time to put your flowers and gardens first and protect our Earth. Gardening is healing for your mind, body, and spirit, as well as Mother Earth (and I can’t stress enough how much healing she needs right now!). 

If you don’t have much space: Grow flowers in flower pots that will attract bees and butterflies, such as Purple Coneflowers, Bee’s Friend, and Lupine. I have also seen a few “do it yourself” projects using logs as planters by chopping out the middle and filling it with potting soil. This is a free and easy way to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs without tilling up the land. 

If you do have space and want to start a garden:
Start small and work your way up. Do some research first, and then plan it out. Your main goals are to: draw in bees and butterflies, make sure all of your plants support each other, and repel unwanted insects all at the same time. 

Start a compost pile for fertilizer. Then, look into companion planting, which is when you can place plants together as a support system, such as tomatoes and peppers, and never plant squash or cucumbers together because of the pests it will bring. Many herbs and flowers will also repel insects and grow well beside vegetables.

Rather than grabbing the nasty pesticides that end up in your food, try something natural:

   • Neem oil soap mixed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed onto the leaves of plants will repel aphids
   •One drop of essential peppermint oil, lemon juice, and water in a spray bottle helps to repel fleas, mice, and most unwanted pests. 
   •Hanging Irish Spring soap around your garden repels deer and rabbits
   •Coffee deters slugs, and helps to add nutrients to your soil
This is to only to list a few, and trust me, they work without hurting your plants, the environment, or your health! Remember, what you give to Mother Earth, she will give back. Happy Gardening! 
Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

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