Your May 2018 Numerology Forecast by Psychic Jessica

Published Date 5/6/2018
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May will be a good month for taking an inner journey.

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Hello! This is Psychic Numerologist Jessica with your heads up forecast for May 2018!

May 2018 is a "7" Universal Month and that means we are all on an INNER QUEST of some sort - the type depends on where you find yourself on your journey in this "11" Universal Year.

First, because we are in an "11" Universal Year (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11), the "7" Universal Month (11 year + May which is the 5th month – 1+1+5 = 7) can get uncomfortable if we are not aware of the amazingly powerful energies at play and how to flow with them. The "7" calls us to delve within while the "11" encourages us to think in terms of the bigger picture which can feel like it's outside of us. This combination of the "7" and "11" therefore can create a push/pull where we may search on the outside for what we really must find within. 

Stay Grounded this May
To flow with this interesting and powerful combination, we need to explore our Inner Universe while keeping a keen eye on our responsibilities. To stay grounded, it is a good idea to write down goals for ourselves and how they may help with our 3rd dimensional interactions. For example - instead of thinking of better ways to insult someone who annoys us, one goal might be greater awareness of how we respond to challenging people, so we don't react in a way that creates walls but rather communication. We want to get out in front of the situations in which we find ourselves by focusing on our part. This relates to a powerful equation: {E + R = O} = {Event + Response = Outcome}. Fries your noodle sometimes, huh? Armed with this introspection, we can emerge from our May "7" Universal Month with greater clarity. When applied to the bigger picture vision for our year, this awareness can create huge, amazing, and powerful shifts!

Seven is the number of the Mystic but also the Sociopath! So, on one side of this “7” month we will all sense the gravitas of our collective consciousness and how we are affecting each other. On the other side, we may go cold because of the immense, empathic weight bearing down overall. Again, to keep things flowing, it is to our benefit to stay aware of our sensitivity and allow ourselves time to pray and reflect so we don't get overwhelmed. This is not a month to be frivolous or dramatic but rather analytical. 

Time for an Inner Journey
If all that seems rather serious and dreary - it need not be! The INNER JOURNEYS we take this month can be supersonic - for example - you might set an intention to remember your dreams and watch for synchronicities like repeating number sequences and patterns. Or, perhaps, you might get serious about your meditations. In fact, if you've been thinking about taking a break, this month is a great time to go on a spiritual adventure - maybe a retreat, Vision Quest, or take a course - anything that will deepen your connection to who you really are. We need to remember, again, to stay grounded as we look towards applying what we learn - sometimes challenging but very rewarding.

I wish you a wonderful, mystical May 2018 - filled with new insights and personal power! Until next time I am Jessica, your friendly neighborhood Psychic Numerologist - take care!


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