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Why Choose a Divination Reading from Psychic Source?

Throughout history, people have relied on many forms of divination as a means of achieving deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Professional divination readings can offer valuable life advice, help you form a more complete understanding of yourself, and provide healing and comfort for when you need support. Since 1989, clients from all over the world have turned to Psychic Source’s Psychic Advisors and Mediums for guidance, healing, life advice, and assistance in the exploration of their inner selves.

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The Power of a Tarot Reading and Other Divination Practices

Here are just a few ways our Psychics and Mediums can utilize their talents to support you in your quest for self-knowledge and personal growth.

Gain Insight Into Your Daily Life

Divination can help you comprehend parts of your inner self that you’ve had trouble recognizing or connecting to. Through a combination of deep intuition and psychic gifts, our readers can use divination tools to shed new light on patterns within your habits, life choices, and ways of interacting with the world around you. This in turn empowers you to redirect your energy to where it needs to go in order to help you live your best, most fulfilling life.

Start Your Personal Healing Journey

Sometimes, spiritual and mental blocks can make it difficult for us to address our own needs, particularly in the wake of tragedy and disappointment. While time is the most important ingredient for healing, the clarity offered by professional divination readings can bring you peace and help you feel less lost as you navigate grief.

Receive Guidance and Advice

Tarot and other divination methods are well-suited to delivering impartial advice on a wide variety of topics, including money, love, career, and more. Using divination tools to support their diagnosis, our Psychic Advisors can help you solidify a plan, choose the best course of action, or determine which areas of your life need more focus and attention.

Contact the Spirit World

Few things deepen our understanding of our own lives on this plane of existence like an exploration of the spirit world. A spiritual reading from our empathetic mediums can give you insight into your past lives and help you better comprehend the subconscious elements of your existence.

Our Psychic Mediums can also help you connect with your ancestors, as well as with friends and loved ones who have more recently crossed over, providing much-needed peace of mind and a healthy outlet for your grief.

An Objective Perspective

When you attempt to conduct your own readings – whether through tarot or another divining tool – you're more likely to see what you hope to see, or what you expect to see. Our Psychic Advisors aren't influenced by personal knowledge of you, allowing them to be impartial. They interpret the signs they see in front of them, sharing their findings with clear and compassionate language.

Personalized Readings

Our readers support inner healing and growth by tailoring each experience to the individual client's needs. We don't believe in vague generalizations or cookie-cutter responses; you’re guaranteed a reading that applies specifically to you and where you are in the present moment.

100% Confidentiality

We take our clients' privacy concerns very seriously. Our online and phone appointments are completely private, and you'll never have to worry about us sharing your personal data with third parties. Additionally, our customer care representatives are available 24/7 to chat with you about any issues or questions you may have.

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Creating an account with us is simple and straightforward thanks to our step-by-step guide. To get started, you'll need either a valid credit card or a PayPal account in your name to help us verify that you are at least eighteen years of age. Once your account is created, all that remains is to load the correct payment amount for the service you desire, choose the Advisor you want to speak with, and start your call or chat session.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Divination

Here is our beginner's guide to divination practices, including details on how a divination reading from Psychic Source can help you plan for your future and explore new facets of your identity.

What Is a Divination Reading?

Divination – sometimes misconstrued as fortune telling – has a rich and colorful global history in society, art, and literature. Studies in anthropology reveal that cultures around the world have their own types of divining practices, some of which have been in use for thousands of years.

Many societies view the practice of divination as a magic ritual, while others incorporate it as part of their religion. Historical and present-day uses of divination include seeking answers, connecting with ancestors, and gaining insight into the past, present, and future.

There are many types of divination readings, several of which involve interpreting symbols – whether in dreams, on oracle or tarot cards, or in the stars. Psychics study the craft of divination for many years to be able to conduct these rituals.

A divination reading can be used to predict the future, for personal healing, or to attempt to contact the spirit world.

Types of Divination Practices

At Psychic Source, our gifted readers practice various methods of divination to help clients gain new insight into their lives, receive messages from loved ones, and form a deeper understanding of themselves and the Earth.

The best tool or method for one person may not resonate with another. You may wish to try multiple divination rituals in order to discover which practice works best for you.

Tarot Cards

The ancient practice of tarot has been around for centuries. Tarot readings use a deck of special cards infused with esoteric and magical symbolism to answer questions about life and provide specific guidance for the querent.

A tarot reading can provide advice regarding major life decisions. It can also give answers to specific questions or concerns you have about relationships, career moves, and more.

Our tarot readers use their personal gifts – including deep intuition and clairvoyance, among others – to enhance their readings and help clients receive the messages the Universe needs them to hear.


Humans have been searching for meaning in the stars since the dawn of our existence. Astrology has influenced our mythology, art, literature, and the ways in which we understand ourselves and connect with one another.

Using the information you give us, our expert astrology psychics can create a chart that details the positions of significant celestial bodies at the time you were born. They will then interpret your chart to reveal valuable insights into your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and personality.

Casting Runes

Rune casting is an ancient ritual practice dating back hundreds of years that uses disks inscribed with esoteric symbols. They are often made from materials found in nature, such as wood, stone, and bone. Runes are thought by many societies to have magical properties and can also be used to create protective amulets.

Dream Interpretation

This form of divination relies on intuition and knowledge of spiritual symbols to decipher the essence or meaning of a dream or nightmare. Our dreams reveal much about our unconscious selves, including buried memories and hidden desires that influence us without our conscious awareness.

If you are having a recurring dream or notice repeating motifs in your dreams, the sage guidance and support of our trained interpreters can help you put those messages from your subconscious into context.

Insightful Divination Readings – Learn More Today!

Divination practices are as widespread as they are ancient. They offer unique and valuable insights into the querent's personality, drives, and behavior, helping people better understand themselves and carve new pathways when the old ones are holding them back.

At Psychic Source, our gifted and hand-picked readers use a variety of tools and methods to deliver detailed, helpful divination readings that are unique to each client.

Experience the magic of a professional divination reading from Psychic Source – get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of divination?

The practice of divination can serve several functions, including contacting the spirit world, connecting with ancestors, supporting personal healing, and gaining new insight into your life.

Divination rituals are often spiritual in nature rather than religious, but they can also be incorporated as part of a religious practice or ceremony.

What is an example of divination?

There are many different practices for divining, several of which have a time-honored place in history. Tarot readings and rune casting are two great examples.

A tarot reading uses a special deck of cards to answer specific questions and provide querents with unexpected insight into their lives. The cards are arranged in a pattern called a "spread," and the position of each card influences its significance within the overall reading.

Rune casting involves interpreting the inscriptions shown on a set of wood or stone disks. Interpreters translate the meanings, groupings, orientations, and positioning of the runes to create a cohesive reading.

What are the 5 ancient methods of divination?

Divination has been in practice in various forms for thousands of years. The most ancient types of divining typically used objects found in nature.

Some of the oldest methods of divination include:

  • Augury, the practice of interpreting birds' flight patterns
  • Tea reading, a method of finding symbols in leftover tea leaves
  • Scrying, in which the reader looks for images in mirrors, fire, or the surface of water
  • Geomancy, examining the shapes made by stones or sand
  • Dendromancy, a method for interpreting the shapes and patterns made by tree branches and leaves.
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