Your Astral Travel Guided Meditation by Psychic Robbin

Published Date 5/13/2020
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Get ready to take a trip on the astral plane with this guided meditation by Psychic Robbin.

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By Psychic Robbin x9341

Astral travel is just another word for an out of body experience (obe), it’s basically when we can intentionally separate our physically body from our astral body (our souls) and move through the universes and even into the world of spirit to visit the angels and even those who have crossed over.
Learning to astral travel is much simpler than you might think. It takes practice, time and learning how to reach the brainwave stage for each step of astral travel.
The brainwaves stages are as follows: 
  1. Gamma- high awareness and strong perception.
  2. Beta- when we’re in a state of study or solving problems.
  3. Alpha- is when were relaxed. Our minds are slow. Like right before you fall asleep or are entering a meditation.
  4. Theta- is when our minds are in a deep meditation and we can enter astral travel.
  5. Delta- deep sleep.
It’s also important to remember that when working in the spiritual world that intention is the most important step. Setting your intentions on a daily basis will help your subconscious mind be receptive and open for your journey throughout the universes and beyond.
Some of my favorite daily intentions are: 
“I am open and ready to receive”
“I am open to love and to be loved”
“I can easily and effortlessly travel through space and time”
“I am ready to learn; my mind is alert and open”
These are just a few I use every day. But of course, I will encourage you to open your heart to your guides and allow them to help you come up with your own daily list of affirmations and intentions.  

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