Why One Psychic Sees One Thing and Another Something Different by Psychic Luke

Published Date 6/9/2016
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The slightest change can have a deep impact on our lives.

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Many of us have an experience like this. Traveling down the road and you come across an auto accident, and it dawns on you, had you left a moment earlier, it could have been you in the accident. Those in tune with the spirit may even know time when you knew something delayed you to avoid an accident. Perhaps you couldn’t find your keys, and they ended up being where you already looked. This short delay could change your life completely. 

Or what about if you go to the supermarket and you bump into an old friend you haven't seen in years?  If you had stopped at another store first and gotten to the supermarket 30 minutes later than you did, you would have encountered different people and may have missed out on the unplanned reunion with your friend.   

Spirit is Always Looking Out for You!
This is our spirit guide intervening on our behalf. Often good things come from what may seem bad at the time. I know a long time couple who met after a fender bender. Had either known there would be an accident, it’s possible they would have changed their plans and their futures would be quite different. 

By this we can see, just the slightest change can have a deep impact on the rest of our lives. There’s no telling how many times divine intervention has protected us during our lives and we never knew it. This is the advantage of seeking a psychic advisor, this is how we keep on the track intended for us. It’s also key to why it’s important to accept what is revealed, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. 

The Future is NOT Written in Stone.
All of this makes predicting the future tricky. If your psychic advisor sees something that seems negative in your future, it could change your destiny, if it were revealed, because you will instinctively adjust your plans, and you may not even realize you’ve done it, or the impact of this change. 

Changing Your Destiny
This also explains why one psychic may see something different than another. When one advisor tells someone something, in many cases you instantly adjust your plans and alter the future. Often it happens subconsciously. Ten minutes later, another advisor may see something very different because we adjusted our plans and changed our destiny. A change of mind can mean a change of destiny. 

So keep in mind, if the spirit reveals something during your reading, it’s because the spirit wants you to know it, even if it may not be what you hoped for. Remember, behind every cloud is a silver lining, that is revealed by following the guidance of the spirit.

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Aspen2012: Thank you, a very well written article, explaining how Spirit watches out for us, like the personal story, 2 people meeting after having an accident. How many times have we heard people talk about how they first met, their lives were busy with work, school. They lost touch with each other for a period of time, only to be brought back together by very unusual circumstances. I am a very spiritually minded person, customer here, nothing happens by coincidence. The Universe, God, Angels, Spirit Guides have a definite plan for our lives. We do have freewill, but they gently or sometimes not so gently show us the way, best path, person who we are meant to marry and more. Major life changing decisions we worry about so much, when if we look back, most everything turned out better than we thought it would. A very good article, thank you.

Pattyk38: Enlightening. Patty38

Dandel1972: A lot of people need to read this.Thank you!

Dandel1972: !!!!;

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