Why Do Psychics Ask Questions? by Psychic Rowan

Published Date 5/26/2020
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The right questions lead to the best answers.

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Many people assume that psychics automatically know all there is to know. Psychic advisors do not know everything, for that would take much of the fun and the mystery out of the great game of life. Psychics have incarnated into human form in this life too, and therefore must face many of the same challenges that we counsel our clients on. We too, have many questions and must access the Akashic for our answers, or sometimes, we must travel within ourselves to find these answers. Another path we humans must find and follow, to “know Thyself”, as the Oracle at Delphi advised.

A Psychic Search Engine

Psychics have ways to access information, but they do not necessarily know what they are looking for because the library of everything is vast indeed. This is the great repository of all experience, thought, emotion, and sound that ever was, ever is and ever will be. It is organized in a very specific way and can be navigated using certain altered states and tools. To use a modern-day metaphor, you can sit on a search engine all day long, but nothing of interest will come up until you first enter a search criteria. Yes, our internet is just like a crystal ball in this sense. This reader finds it remarkable that our cell phones, tablets, computer screens, TV, etc., are all “black screens” as they bear a very close resemblance to scrying mirror, or scrying bowls which are usually made of onyx, a very deep, lovely black type of stone. 

Questions Lead to Answers

For the purpose of this discussion, let us picture the Akashic record, this vast library of everything, as a wide, flowing, river of information. Every drop of it has a memory or a file attached to it. When a client calls for a reading, we use various tools to access and retrieve the information the client needs. The action of retrieval is easier to understand if we see the reader as the interactive library card. We ask the client some basic questions, i.e. May I have your name? What is your sun sign? How may I help you? The client asks a specific question based on their needs in context to the call, and we’re off to the races! 

Accessing the Psychic Library

Most psychic advisors have tools they use to access the information. It may be astrology, tarot, numerology, tea leaves or even a crystal ball. Each time we retrieve an answer for a reading, we access the massive library of the Akashic record. Because it is the hall of everything, we must first have a point of reference; even double-blind remote viewing requires a set of coordinates. 

Therefore, think of the psychic reader as your access to the library, someone who can sort through the massive database of “All” and find the very information you seek; the more specific you are with your reader, the more specific they will be able to be when hunting for your answers in the great hall of the Akashic. 

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