Why Are Timelines Hard to Predict? by Psychic Rowen

Published Date 10/18/2013
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Every night when I log on to Psychic Source I wonder how many people will want to know specific timelines for events. I’m going to be honest folks: it makes me a bit nervous. 

Not because I cannot see timelines, but because the future is a nebulous place and so many things can change a timeline. Everything from a natural disaster to human situations can change events in the future.  Forecasting is a tricky business. The images that come to me tell only a possible outcome of a given situation—not a definite one. 
Here’s an example:

A caller wanted to know when her man was going to propose. She was excited and wanted to start planning her wedding but he wouldn’t get down on one knee! 

I was also excited—I’m an empath—and that energy was my gateway into forecasting the future for her and her clueless boyfriend.  I saw him proposing at night by the leaves and trees; it was autumn and she was crying; everything was perfect. So I told her that she would get a proposal this fall.

She called me back in late October, upset, because guess what? No proposal from the boyfriend. I was startled and when I checked back into the energy I still saw the same vision. I apologize profusely, telling her I didn’t know what happened but apparently I was wrong.

Then, at the end of November (still fall—winter isn’t until December!) I received another call. The same woman was practically screaming with joy, “YOU WERE RIGHT!!!” He proposed outside with her whole family there for Thanksgiving. Isn’t that lovely? And what a relief for her and her fiancé, right?

But truth be told, so many variables could have changed my prediction. What if he couldn’t afford the last payment on the ring because he broke his leg and had to pay for an emergency hospital bill? I may not have seen that event in early September; only his intention to ask her to be his wife. 

That is what is marked in the future—intention.  But as we all know, sometimes intentions do not come to pass and that can change the future. As psychics, we really try to see the most likely outcome but we’re not always right. Other things can get in the way of our sight of the true future. 

So next time you ask for a timeline during your psychic reading, just remember that we’re doing our best to give you that important information. However, depending on a variety of things, our predictions may or may not come true.  I’m right more than I have been wrong, but I have been wrong.  Know that all of us here at Psychic Source are all working together to help you and if we sometimes are not exactly right, please know that we are doing our best to be right every time you call.  

Bright Blessings!
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