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Published Date 8/7/2015
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My Name and Birth Date Are...

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One of the questions I hear from time to time is… “If you are truly psychic, why do you need my name and birthday before you can give me a reading?  Shouldn’t you already know that?”   Well, being a psychic advisor and the gifts that come with it are definitely something I am proud of, but I’m also not a mind-reader. There are limits to what we can see with little to no information available to us, especially over the telephone or computer.

How We Tune Into YOU!
While it's true that phone and chat readings can be just as accurate as face-to-face readings, your advisor needs a quick means to connect with you and the energy around you via long distance. This is especially important when you're seeking a quick answer to a specific question or basic insight into a particular situation. By providing your name and birth date upfront, an advisor can use it to help tune into you faster and provide the information you seek. 

A Deeper Dive
On a deeper level, your name and date of birth can provide some advisors with additional insight based on disciplines they may specialize in such as astrology and numerology. Our advisors are each endowed with one or more spiritual gifts which define them as clairvoyants, mediums, clairaudients, intuitive empaths, animal communicators, etc. Many are called to study specific disciplines or use certain to tools to help refine or amplify those gifts. If your advisor asks you for your complete name or birth information, it's often because they will use it to glean additional insight from their initial psychic impressions. 

For example, a psychic specializing in numerology may use it to calculate your life path number which adds an additional layer of insight into the patterns that frequently emerge in your life or the lessons you are intended to learn. Similarly, an advisor experienced with astrology might use it to reveal planetary influences at work in a particular aspect of life or the ongoing influence of your sun, moon and rising sign. The bottom line is that depending upon the unique background of the advisor you've selected, your name and date of birth can go far beyond just providing a means to connect.

Finding An Advisor Who Is Right For You
I strongly recommend you take a moment to check out the profile of an advisor and their specialties before initiating a call or chat. This will help you go into a reading with a better understanding of their spiritual gifts as well as the unique disciplines and tools they rely upon to help paint an accurate picture of your life at this moment in time. No matter who you choose to work with, remember, we all need a means to connect with you and the energy surrounding you before we can tap into the messages we are intended to receive on your behalf -- providing your name and birth date is one way to help us do that quickly. 

For more information about how psychic advisors “do what they do”, check out another great article: “Busted! 6 Common Myths About Psychics.”

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