When Your Advisor Gives You an Answer You Don't Like by Psychic Freya

Published Date 6/20/2014
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If you're disappointed with your reading there might be a logical explanation.

Many times as an Advisor I’m asked about a relationship that seems to be failing or about a loved one who’s pushing them away.  I can usually “see” or “feel” one of the following answers:

1. The significant other has lost interest and wants to leave the relationship.
2. They have a needs to establish boundaries and have some “me” time.
3. They’re having an affair and are feeling guilty
4. They never had strong feelings about the relationship.
5. An underlying medical condition such as depression or another illness is influencing their behavior.
6. The client’s behavior of being clingy, demanding, or jealous is creating the relationship issue.

There’s a small percentage of clients who really don’t want to hear the truth. They demand another answer and berate the Advisor both during the conversation and on the rating board.  This is particularly frustrating for the Advisor he or she is giving the information that they’re receiving and know that a truthful response is better than telling the client what they want to hear. 

Please understand when an Advisor tells you information that you didn’t want to hear, they know they’re putting their skill rating in your hands.  Also, the Advisor doesn’t have a chance to explain or give a rebuttal to your criticism.  Sometimes, the Advisor may need the low rating as a reality check but the majority of the time, the Advisor is relaying the information that they’re hearing or seeing and they’re genuinely concerned about the client and the individuals the client is asking about. 

The majority of the time, the best readings are the ones where you have no expectations for the answer.  That way. your mind is truly open to the messages that we are sent and feel important enough to share with you even when we know that it may make you unhappy or unsatisfied with the reading.

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SWEETNSPICY147: Very nice and personable.. I could talk to her all day and night...I feel a connection.

jackiemiller: I like Freya because she is honest. She has never told me what I want to here, but she has told me the truth!

orangegirl: I really don't understand this. I would much rather hear the truth, unsettling as it may be, to a made up reading. The ones who berate and criticize the reader and give a bad review are harmful to this website. As someone who calls regularly, I prefer to hear some "bad" news. That way I know I am not being lied to. I would much rather hear the truth.

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