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When To Get Multiple Psychic Readings

Date 1/26/2021

Should you get multiple psychic readings?

Every psychic discerns information a little differently. Whether it's the tool they use, the way their gift works or even the interplay between their own lived experience and their gifts, each psychic picks up energy differently and interprets it for you. "It's a little like shining different spotlights on the same subject," explains Levana. Each perspective illuminates a different part, and brings you closer to a full 360 degree view of your question or situation. More information can give you more choices, and ultimately more confidence in the way forward. But can it be too much?

Try a variety of reading types

One of the best ways to integrate multiple perspectives from different psychics is to get a reading with a divination tool, such as Tarot or Astrology, and a no tools reader who receives information intuitively. An empathic or intuitive Advisor is likely to pick up profoundly personal information in fragments-maybe a vision, or a gut knowing, or a feeling or sensation which is generated by your energy.  A reader who uses tools, by contrast, may see a pattern or a story in the cards or the stars, which may weave together disparate messages that don't quite make sense on their own.  Putting the pieces together can bring really great insight that might not otherwise come to light. 


Be open, not obsessive

Because Psychic Source offers such a wide variety of carefully screened psychic Advisors, there can be a great benefit in getting a second psychic opinion, or multiple readings about the same topic. Being open to varying perspectives is very different than being obsessive, however. It's human nature to seek validation for our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and it's also human nature to sometimes reject the very opinions we sought if they don't support our point of view. Try to remain open to the fact that your Advisor may be reading an energetic layer that you have not yet acknowledged, and try to sit with the information a bit before rejecting it out of hand. You may find that there's more truth to the statement than you initially thought.

At the same time, try not to become obsessed with finding the psychic who will validate or confirm your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. If you're getting reading after reading in hopes of hearing what you want to hear, you may miss the very message that you need to hear.

Create your own 'wisdom circle' 
Wouldn't it be great to have a trusted circle of wise ones, your go-to resource for comfort, hope and guidance? While our modern world has made such connections difficult to maintain, technology has made seeking spiritual guidance easier than it has been for generations. As you experience different types of psychics and psychic readings at Psychic Source, make note of the Advisors who really seem to resonate with you. Then, when something is troubling you and you reach out for a reading, take comfort in knowing you have a trusted circle of support from which you can get a second opinion or the benefit of multiple readings to shed light on your situation and illuminate the path forward.  


Video Transcript


Karenna: It’s perfectly reasonable to want to get more than one psychic opinion. Every psychic comes with their own set of experiences of the world.

Levana: The best part about having so many psychics to choose from is you have so many possible different perspectives on the same subject.

Narnia: Because we all have our own talents and abilities, and so we may be reading different layers of your life, different areas of your life.

Levana: Because each psychic approaches the subject in their own ways. They have their own gift and so you might actually get to shed light. It's like different spotlights on the same object and that really might illuminate the subject for you.

Karenna: What we hope doesn’t happen is that you keep going for different psychics until you get a specific answer.

Carmaleena: It's because your energy is shifting, and the readers are picking up on your energy and your doubts about well, 'so-and-so said this, and so-and-so said that,' and so it gets confusing. So confusion then comes into the energy field.

Levana: It’s amazing to connect with different psychics, but I think it’s very important to remember you need to choose no matter what they all say. It’s your choice, your reading, your life. Just connect with it, just look at your heart. If there’s someone who’s really moved you, has really touched a cord within that nobody else has been able to, as I do in my own spiritual practice, follow the feeling.



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