When I First Discovered I Was a Medium by Psychic Jennifer

Published Date 10/1/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Sometimes it isn't until a loved one passes that we realize our true gifts.

I first realized I was a medium when I could see and hear my deceased great grandmother. I was the first great grandchild and she took to me like superglue.

After she passed away, I was told many things by her and felt her arms of love and protection. I was able to see warnings of bad things about to happen, and if I didn’t understand she would explain them to me for clarity.  

I just knew things that no one else would think I would know the answers to—things that I was never subjected to in my life. I was also told by many people in my younger years of life, "No one likes a know-it-all." I wasn’t familiar with what this truly meant, so I went in search of the meaning and what was happening to me. I surely couldn’t tell anyone, for I would be labeled as “crazy.” 

So I started to listen more and more; sometimes I could see and feel my great grandmother right next to me. I had the feeling of warmth and love when she would come to me. I didn’t listen to her very much in my teens, but as I got older, her voice became louder and clearer. 

She provides me with a connection to the spirit world and directs me with what I feel and see for others, as well as myself. She feeds me the information that I need to answer questions that callers have for me during psychic medium readings

And most importantly, my great grandmother keeps me connected to my family back home. 
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