What to Expect From a Reading With a Medium by Psychic Rheda

Published Date 10/29/2013
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The medium is only the mediator; they cannot control the messages you receive.

What should one expect from a reading with a medium?

Reading with a psychic medium is extremely sacred and not to be taken lightly. It’s vitally important to realize that the spirit of the one who has passed is in control of the messages. The medium is only the mediator—the departed souls pick and choose what they’ll communicate.   

Beautifully, when allowed to feel safe and respected while given free reign, they know exactly what will bring the most conclusive peace to their loved ones. 

This can be the loving messages of a departed mother, confirming to her daughter that she saw her wear the mother’s pearls on her wedding day—the same pearls the daughter’s father gave to her mother for their 20th wedding anniversary. And, perhaps the mother will share that she heard the first cry of her granddaughter, who bears her name.  

It may be a father confirming to his son that he sees him following in his footsteps or that he approves of his new bride.  

These life shifting, messages are miracles that mediums tap into daily.  Those who’ve passed over appear to know and tell all; right down to what you ate for breakfast, what their favorite color was, or a name, place or event that is relevant only to the person receiving the message.   

Religious, cultural, and personal boundaries can sometimes present barriers contributing to ones fear of the unknown. If one is not properly educated to the beauty of mediumship, he or she may be unaware of the healing it facilitates. And yet in the ‘dark hour’ of grief and loss, it’s the very hope, and perhaps the proof, that life goes on.
The intention of all medium readings should be love, closure, and healing.  All selfish motives must be placed aside; these souls are very much alive in the next room.  They have transitioned to the next level of their soul’s evolution and are very much at work ‘living’ their new life. Often they are light workers, and are anxious to get on with their soul’s mission.  This is one of the reasons it’s important to be respectful and listen for the messages they choose to give with gratitude. 

Our deceased loved ones, perhaps better referred to as our transitioned love ones, see the intricate details of our lives. They know our past, present, and often they can see our future. 

It’s very important to remain respectful and peaceful during a medium reading, because fear, anxiety and other distractions can affect the reading.  

Whether a psychic reader has performed ten medium readings or ten thousand, most agree one is always left with the overwhelming humility of being able to convey these remarkable messages of love from the next room over. That “gift” to a fellow traveler is a transcendent experience soaring beyond understanding!  
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