What to Expect from a Reading by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 1/21/2013
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A Psychic Reading brings clarity and insight into your situation, helping you to see yourself and others more clearly

Media images and myths about psychics set unrealistic expectations for psychic readings.  I really feel psychics are often misunderstood on how our gifts work, which can lead to further confusion around expectations. Each psychic reads differently.  We all have different gifts, different experiences, and different personalities. It’s best to find the personality you can connect with by looking at our pictures, reading through our profiles, or listening to our audio or video recordings. Please take your time in choosing the right psychic. 

Many times, psychics are misrepresented as fortune tellers, or those who can read the future. This is not always the case. When you are entering a reading, know that a lot of times psychics focus on some of what has happened in your past, a little of what is happening now, and what “CAN happen” in the future given the path you have chosen. I say “CAN happen” because the cycle of life is constantly changing. When a psychic gives you are reading he/she is letting you know what will happen if you continue down this path he/she is seeing at the time. Anything can happen at any time. People change their minds and decisions every day. This can affect the reading you have received, and make the reading inaccurate (although psychics are people too, and have lives too which means good days and bad days). So when you notice a change from the reading you received, it’s time to call back to see where this new path is headed! 

Remember, psychics are not always 100% correct (as I said before psychics are people too) and he/she doesn’t always know everything. It helps to give a clue to the situation such as a question or the name of a person you would like to read into, instead of having to pull it all out of you. Many psychics can give you a generalized description of what is going on, and then it helps to fill in the missing pieces for a better reading. This process brings clarity and insight into your situation, helping you to see yourself and others more clearly. Then the psychic can bring out the positivity you need to make the best decisions for your future! 

Lastly, since psychics talk to so many people on a daily basis, it’s extremely hard to remember everything said in each reading especially when channeling different energies during each shift. For me, I remember names normally and sometimes remember a generalized sentence of what we talked about (if I’m lucky). So, sometimes it helps to give the psychic a brief reminder of the last reading, normally something small to jog the memory will do. Honestly, I always tell people its ok if I don’t remember the last reading because the reading has probably changed and it’s time to look towards something new! Happy readings! Namaste! 
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