What should I expect from my psychic reading?

Published Date 9/22/2015
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The challenge of expectations

In psychic readings as in life, there is a universal tendency to get what we expect. Psychology teaches us that our minds seek confirmation of what we already believe, interpreting "neutral" information as evidence to support our beliefs. From a metaphysical perspective, we know that our thoughts shape our reality. So why not go into every new experience, every new relationship, or every psychic reading, expecting to be swept off our feet? 

Because being disappointed by unmet expectations feels awful! Especially when we've laid our souls bare or trusted another with our deepest secrets, hopes and feelings. This is what can make getting a psychic reading so scary - will our expectations be disappointed? And even though Psychic Source stands behind each and every psychic reading with a risk-free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we know that the emotional stakes are high when approaching a psychic for answers to your most intimate questions.  

Approaching your reading with clear and realistic expectations
There is a delicate balance between expecting the best, and being realistic in your expectations. It's all too easy for a service to claim you'll be "blown away" by psychic information, and certainly there are times when that happens. But there are also times when a psychic reading is much less dramatic, for example, when it validates something you already know in your gut, or it connects the dots in a way that you had previously overlooked. Sometimes "amazement" is not even about a prediction or bit of information, but rather about the experience of being understood so well. Rather than going into your reading with a preset notion of how you want to feel or what you want to hear, try to remain open to what is revealed. What you have every right to expect, is that the Advisor will reveal to you the honest truth as he or she sees it. In the end, it is up to you how to interpret your psychic reading and put it to use.

Will you be amazed? Maybe. But what you walk away with may actually be much more useful, reassuring and powerful.

Video Transcript

Brodi: What you can expect in a psychic reading with me, is that I will absolutely do my very best to hear exactly what it is that you want to know.

Rhiannon: Well, the difference between talking to a psychic and a sympathetic friend is that although they may care deeply for you and give you some well-intentioned advice, I'm tuning in to many, many different realms of energy and asking for spiritual discernment.

Rheda: When you go to a counselor, you're more involved with what may be going on right now in your life today, and with the psychic you really kind of want to know what tomorrow looks like.

Angela: I don't just sit there and predict. I will tell you, "This is what you have to work with, and this is how to use those resources."

Neil: I think some readings are definitely amazing, that “carpet being ripped out from under us” feeling does happen when we get an insight that, perhaps, we hadn't had any awareness of.

Merci: And it's nice to be amazed sometimes. I've even amazed myself on certain readings. But I feel that it's not a good expectation because it becomes unrealistic.

Robert Gene: What you can realistically expect from a psychic reading there's a sense that the psychic understands who you are on all levels of your being. And that is amazing to have a total stranger know you like your best friend.

Moira: It's much, much more than just answering a simple question. There are a lot of wonderful questions. There are beautiful answers, and they're contained within a chart, they're contained within the lifetimes, the karmic complexes and they're some scars. Whatever that soul scar is that you might need to heal, and maybe it's something in this lifetime, maybe it's something in a past lifetime, we can find it and we can release it.



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