What's with the Repetitive Numbers I Keep Seeing? by Psychic Andi

Published Date 7/18/2016
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Don't ignore repeating number patterns, it may be a message from Spirit.

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Ever feel like you’re seeing double, triple or even quadruple? Time to go to the eye doctor? Maybe not. A common way for our loved ones in spirit, our angels and guides to communicate with us is through repetitive numbers. 

Here’s an example: 

This morning your order at the coffee shop came to $3.33. Then you had an appointment, and realize the address is 333 Main Street. Hmm... didn’t I just see that number? Typically, we shake that off. And then, in the afternoon, as you get up you glance at the clock and it’s exactly 3:33? Is this just a coincidence? Some may say yes, but I beg to differ. 

When they see repetitive number sequences, I always tell them to stop and evaluate what they were just thinking about or what they had just done. Someone in Spirit may be trying to communicate a message with you. Another possibility is someone in spirit is making their presence known by repeatedly showing you a time, or date in the form of numbers that you will recognize. My point is, don’t disregard repeating numbers as simply a coincidence. Far too often, it’s anything but. 

Just what do those repetitive numbers mean? Here is an easy to use reference guide, that will help you to get quick guidance from the other side. 

Quick Easy Number Sequence Reference Guide:

(numbers may appear in triple or even quadruple sequences, but have the same meaning)

111 or 1111- A change or new cycle is on its way. What you are thinking about doing or changing is correct for the new phase of your life.

222 or 2222
- Take this as a confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction. Continue with this train of thought.

333 or 3333
- Your Spirit Guides agree with your thoughts and feelings and could be interpreted as a Cosmic 'Yes!' to questions you have asked or ideas you may have. (green light!)

444 or 4444
- Your Spirit Guides disagree with your thoughts and feelings and can be interpreted as a Cosmic 'No!' to questions you have asked or ideas you may have. (red light!)

555 or 5555
- You may not like it, or you may, but your Spirit Guides are notifying you that a change in your life path direction has just occurred and it is time for you to change too. Move with it, follow these thoughts.

666 or 6666
- Your thoughts are unclear and out of balance right now. You are focused too much on the material world or there could be emotional unbalance. Don’t make major decisions right now.

777 or 7777
- This is a sign of acknowledgment and achievement. Congrats, you have learned a good lesson.

888 or 8888
- A phase of your life (likely emotional, career or relationship) is about to end and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare.

999 or 9999
- Completion. It is done.

000 or 0000
- Your thoughts are in unity with the Universe.

Many people are visual, and often times signs like these from Spirit have to be seen to believed.  Please share comments below of any instances of repetitive numbers you’ve encountered in your life, or if you need further explanation, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at extension 9337. 

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