What It's Like to be Clairvoyant by Psychic Cheyenne

Published Date 9/19/2013
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Have you tried out your own clairvoyant abilities?

“How did you KNOW that??”

You hear that question quite often when you’re a clairvoyant.  Clairvoyance is a French word meaning clear sight. Clairvoyant psychics, generally, are also clairsentient and clairaudient (meaning they know and hear clearly).

Every person possesses these abilities and can strengthen them with practice and awareness.  Learning about them will help the person open up to experiencing more.  Taking a class or workshop in psychic development can be a lot of fun.  It’s nice to be around other open-minded, sensitive people who want to learn. Whether we’re born with our awareness from karmic growth from past lifetimes, or with a certain biology in the brain, we all gain from knowledge and regular practice.

So, what does it look like? What does a clairvoyant see? When we close our eyes and visualize something, we create a visual impression.  When you picture that little black sports car that you want—this is a visualization.

A psychic impression will look much the same, without the purposeful visualization part.  The clairvoyant may have eyes open or closed, hear your voice, and the impression appears instantaneously.  We catch a quick glimpse of an object, place, or person which is meaningful to the person we’re reading. 

A psychic impression comes very quickly, without thought. I’ll see a man with a blue coat standing on a bridge with mountains in the background. We cannot TRY to see a vision, or MAKE ourselves have a vision—it won’t work. We have to find the 'space' and allow it to be seen. It’s called 'being in tune.’

Other things that a clairvoyant will see are parts of our reality that are hidden.  We can catch glimpses of people who have passed on. Sometimes we see shadowy figures or colored orbs around us.  Some of us will see the auric field which surrounds every living thing or the chakras (the body’s energy centers) in a nonphysical frequency. We can even leave our bodies and see other places, timelines, or realms.  Dreams will show us future events or symbolism to understand certain situations.  Clairvoyant mediums even have contact with people on the other side.

Some tools that psychics can use to help focus awareness include: crystal balls, staring into flames, rune stones, and the Tarot. Every person has these abilities and can develop their clairvoyance by seeking knowledge and finding that ‘space' (through meditation). The effort is absolutely worth it!  

The spiritual teachers and masters have always told us that “truth is within us” and to go within. Our reality is a fascinating place, but what is WITHIN us is even more fascinating. It isn't a hard thing to learn at all and is quite natural! All we need is some curiosity and a little effort.

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