What Is New Age Spirituality?

Published Date 9/8/2013
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What Is New Age Spirituality?

Through your authentic psychic readings, you may have heard about New Age spirituality or metaphysics.

Cornell University stated that the term "New Age" encompasses many beliefs - it isn't just restricted to one - and it's closely aligned with metaphysics. New Age is composed of a wide range of traditions that extend beyond traditional religious concepts.  Some practices among those who believe in New Age spirituality include energy work, yoga and meditation. People might also invest in the power of crystals, astrology and intuitive psychic insight as a part of their daily lives.

New Age is composed of a wide range of traditions, and they extend beyond traditional religious concepts. It's also important to note that people who consider themselves New Age reject the idea of an absolute truth, meaning they don't have a specific source of authority in their lives, differing it from various religions.

Many people turn to New Age spirituality because its main concepts are that man creates his own reality. Being New Age also often translates into a quest for enlightenment, whether it be through practicing energy readings or simply living every day to the fullest. Your psychic can give you more insight into some of the keystones of New Age spirituality.


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