What is Animal Communication?

Published Date 4/11/2019
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How To Communicate With Animals

All animals think, feel, and communicate in their own language.  As humans, it can be frustrating that they don't speak our language, yet communication is not only possible, it also takes place all the time whether or not we are aware of it. Animal communication language happens at a soul to soul level, utilizing telepathy, which is a mind-to-mind form of communication, and empathy, a form of heart to heart communication. In this regard, animal communication is a form of psychic communication we can all learn to master. 

How do animals communicate with people?
You might be surprised at what your animals want to communicate to you, which typically ranges from how they feel about their food, bedding or toys, to their feelings about other animals, their fears and worries, and even messages they want you to understand. Opening the psychic communication channel allows you to receive messages from departed or lost pets, provides reassurance to quell your pet's anxieties, clues to understand behavioral and health issues, and a way to simply let them know how much they are loved.

Telepathic communication with animals
A psychic soul connection exists outside the bounds of time and place, so you can use pet telepathy to communicate with your animals from anywhere, at any time. What's critical to this way of communicating is that you learn to quiet the voice of your ego and create an inner, spiritual space for messages to come in. If you practice meditation, or have learned basic Reiki, then you are well on your way to learning how to communicate with animals telepathically.

How to communicate with your dog, cat, or other pets
Start by going into a relaxed, meditative state and visualizing your heart chakra extending outward to envelop your pet with love. Say hello in your mind and let them know that you want to connect. You can ask them questions or ask them to tell you what they are thinking or feeling. Remember that there are many ways of psychically connecting with another soul - through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (you can read all about the various psychic gifts in our glossary of psychic terms), so be aware that the information may come in the form of words, sensations, sounds, colors or signs.  As obscure or cryptic as these messages may be, trust the information you receive, and don't try to force the communication or get anxious that you're not connecting - an animal can easily sense your anxiety and shut the channel down out of concern for your well-being. 

How can physical animal communication help? 
If your pet has passed or gone missing, or if you just can't decode his or her feelings or messages, you may want to engage the services of a pet psychic. Pet psychics are particularly sensitive to the energetic vibration of animals and have learned to use their pet psychic animal communication gifts to make sense of what can sometimes seem like a jumble of psychic impressions. This can be particularly helpful if your emotional state is acting as a block to communication with your pet and you are wanting to communicate with your animal after death.

Psychic communication with animals takes patience and practice, and the rewards go well beyond the beautiful bridge of understanding between human and non-human animals. Animal communication is a practice of connecting with our intuition, which offers us a view to the spiritual dimension that connects us to all beings and life on the planet, as well as a bridge to transcend time and space. 



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