Are You an Empath? 5 Signs You Might Be.

Date 9/21/2023
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Could you be an empath?

Could you be an empath?

While many people have a strong awareness of empathy, or the ability to perceive how others feel, empathic psychics take this sense to an entirely different level. Find out how empathic psychics perceive and process information and learn key signs that you could be an empath.

How Do Empaths Function?

Empathic psychic mediums have heightened senses of empathy, and most can identify emotions and moods without directly interacting with others. Empaths excel at recognizing emotional cues without needing extensive verbal or visual cues, as most can perceive auras and energy fields.

Since empathic psychics tend to be very sensitive to the feelings of others, most learn to use various shielding techniques to protect themselves from a constant barrage of emotions. Empaths typically practice meditation extensively, as it lets them stay centered and grounded, and many also use crystals to shield themselves from negative energies.

5 Signs You Might Be an Empathic Psychic

Although having a strong sense of empathy isn't uncommon, it's important to note that not everyone who easily identifies with others is an empathic psychic. Take a closer look at five signs that you might be an empath.

1. You're Constantly Overwhelmed by Emotions

Maybe you've been told you're too sensitive throughout your life. Perhaps you constantly feel overly emotional, even if you aren't experiencing anything to inspire those feelings in your own life. If you regularly sense emotions that don't belong to you and that linger for hours or days, you could be an empathic psychic.

2. You Instantly Know Whether You Like Someone

Since empaths have the ability to read auras and sense energy, they often feel attracted to or repulsed by people without truly understanding why. If you know whether you like or detest someone right away, consider it a sign that you could be an empathic psychic.

3. You Physically Feel What Others Are Experiencing

Most people wince when they see someone else in serious pain. If you're an empathic psychic, however, you might find yourself doubling over with a stomachache or spending a day in bed without understanding why you feel sick. Later, you may find out that a close friend or family member is seriously ill, and the pain you sensed was linked to their anguish.

4. Others Frequently Open up to You Without Prompting

You may be an extrovert who loves connecting with others, but that doesn't mean you can handle just anyone sharing deep pain or personal emotions with you. If you find that friends and strangers alike frequently open up to you without invitation, your empathic sense of compassion may be showing without you realizing it.

5. You Have a Strange Ability to Heal Others

Skilled empathic psychics can do more than merely sense hurt and pain. They can also heal others, whether those around them are experiencing heartbreak, emotional anguish, or physical ailments.

Whether or not you have empathic abilities of your own, talking with a skilled advisor can offer fascinating insight into your biggest questions. Choose from the best online psychics and seek trustworthy advice when you need it most.


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