What Does the King of Swords Mean?

Published Date 7/14/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The King of Swords may indicate an ability to make good decisions

How many times have you left your tarot reading wishing you had more insight into the meanings behind each card? Familiarizing yourself with the deck can improve your chances of garnering more information from your readings.

One card that may appear in your next session is the King of Swords, but what does it mean? When the King of Swords is right-side up during your reading, this can indicate that you're in a position to make good decisions. This king represents a clear mind and the stability to create life-altering change.

However, the King of Swords can have a completely different meaning when it appears upside down in your reading. In this instance, it can mean that you aren't in the best position to make large choices. Furthermore, it may be indicative of tyrannical behavior that may be negatively impacting others in your life.

For more information on this card and others, speak to your psychic for additional insight. Knowing the meanings prior to going into readings can put you in the best position to interpret your sessions and how they pertain to you on a personal level.


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