What Does the King of Pentacles Card Mean?

Published Date 6/14/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The King of Pentacles may indicate looming recklessness

How many times have you left a tarot reading wishing you knew more about the cards that were laid out to for you? If you often find yourself yearning for more insight, you might want to study the cards and learn about the meanings behind them.

One card that may come up in your spread is the King of Pentacles. Depending on how it's laid out in front of you, it can have a wide variety of meanings.

When the King of Pentacles appears upside down, this may indicate that you have an overwhelming interest in material items and a desire to have fun, but on an extreme level. Your intense perception of everything in your environment can create a sense of recklessness.

If the King of Pentacles is right-side up during your reading, this might mean that you're in a position to work hard, plan out your goals and achieve them through your passion and energy.

Talk to your psychic if you're interested in learning more about the cards you come across. A better understanding of them can help you gain additional insight from your readings.

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