What Does the Four of Wands Mean?

Published Date 5/29/2013
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What Does the Four of Wands Mean?

During your tarot readings, you might be asking yourself exactly what each card means when it's laid out in front of you. Even if you've had several sessions before, you may be able to get more out of them by familiarizing yourself with the deck.

One card that may come up during your session is the Four of Wands, but what does it mean? When the Four of Wands appears right-side up during your reading, this may indicate that you're currently in a harmonious, peaceful place in your life. This can also mean that you're in a prime position to celebrate and come together with your loved ones.

If the Four of Wands is dealt upside down, however, the meaning may be the complete opposite. This might indicate that there is a lack of harmony in your life. Furthermore, it may mean that you're having trouble communicating with others and getting your message across. Needless to say, this can strain your relationships.

Talk to your psychic for more insight into the deck and the specific meanings behind each cards. By educating yourself further, you can get more out of your sessions and understand how the cards pertain to your life.


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