What Does Dreaming Of Roses Indicate?

Published Date 4/30/2013
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What Does Dreaming Of Roses Indicate?

Many people have recurring dreams, but aren't sure what they indicate and how they may affect their everyday lives. One vision that isn't uncommon is roses, and for good reason. This flower, which is renowned for its beauty and lovely aroma has several different meanings that can pertain to everything from relationships to friendships.

The most typical interpretation of the rose is that it signifies passion and unity, according to Dream Moods, an online guide to dream meanings. It can also represent new love emerging in some area of your life, which gives it a positive connotation. However, it's important to be mindful of the color of the flower. Yellow roses are thought to be signs of infidelity.

If you see a withering rose in your dream, it might mean that something is coming to an end, whether it's a career or a relationship. Thorny roses represent exactly what they look like - obstacles and difficulty in your waking life.

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