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Date 5/19/2021
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Step one involves rebalancing and awakening your chakras.

Step one involves rebalancing and awakening your chakras.

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To a unique series of monthly articles intentionally written for awakening your mind, body, and spirit. Each essay will explore sacred teachings for enlightenment and practices for liberation, that woven together create a tapestry of Truth. The timeless knowledge and techniques explored in each article feature prehistoric pearls of wisdom that have always been available in the natural world and revealed to us over thousands of years by many different spiritual traditions. In essence there is nothing new under the sun, but if you have a burning desire to follow the golden path towards the light of true essence, consciousness, and bliss, then these articles should help you get there!

Part 3: Developing Psychic Abilities and Supernatural Powers

The Greek origin of the word “psychic” refers to the mind, soul, and spirit. Therefore, being psychic requires a deep understanding of our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves -to see clearly that which may otherwise be hidden. According to ancient yoga teachings, “siddhis” or supernatural powers must be developed with great effort, dedication, regular practice, and most importantly with the highest intention in the mode of goodness. So, remember when you start to develop psychic powers, do not let the ego run wild, stay humble, and stay focused on the Divine.

The first step is to learn to concentrate and focus the mind and senses. Here are some practical exercises for developing psychic abilities:

Practice Technique 1: MANTRAS FOR MAGICK.

Mantra” also refers to “mind” and “tra” means “instrument”. The repetition, chanting, and vibration of seed sounds of universal energies can tune our state of consciousness to channel the powers and essence of that frequency and allow us to cross over into different dimensions. Reciting sacred mantras with an elevated intention for connecting to the Divine and inviting joy, peace, love, health, and happiness into our lives and the lives of others will eventually lead to supernatural abilities.

To rebalance and awaken the energy centers or “chakras” within your body, chant the following seed sounds to unlock untapped potential where there may be blockages.

1st Chakra, chant “LAM” to resolve issues with fundamental aspects in your life including home, family, career, money, and destiny.

2nd Chakra, chant “VAM” to address problems with creativity, fertility, abundance, and personal growth.

3rd Chakra, chant “RAM” when you feel stuck, unmotivated, uninspired, depleted, and low in vital energy.

4th Chakra, chant “YAM” to invite true love and happiness into your heart and bring balance to relationships, attracting beauty, compassion, and exponential growth.

5th Chakra, chant “HAM” for clear communication with others in your personal and professional life, and with the community you share.

6th Chakra and 7th Chakras, chant "OM" the primordial sound of the Multiverse to connect to the source of all creation, tap into your intuition, and connect with the Divine and spirit worlds.

Practice Technique 2: Concentrated gazing for clairvoyance.

In a dark and quiet room, sit tall in a comfortable seated position, preferably cross legged on a meditation cushion or folded blanket. If using a chair do not lean back, instead keep your spine long and ensure that your feet connect to the earth. Set the High Priestess card of the tarot deck and a candle a few feet in front of you with the picture and flame at eye level. Relax your body and place your hands in your lap or on your thighs with palms facing up as a gesture of receptivity. Be still and bring awareness to your breath, quietly breathing in and out through your nose. Soften your gaze and focus on the image of the High Priestess who represents untapped psychic potential. Try not to blink and continue to stare at the candle lite image for as long as possible. Finally close your eyes, but keep your inner gaze focused. See the flame and High Priestess now in your mind’s eye, also known as your third eye or “ajna chakra”, the seat of your intuition and clairvoyant psychic abilities.

Practice Technique 3: Skull Shining for psychic powers.

Again, choose a quiet space and sit tall in a comfortable seated position. Relax your abdomen completely and imagine the pumping action of a pair of blacksmiths’ bellows. Inhale gently and passively through your nose filling up and allow your belly to soften and extend, then snap your belly with a forceful exhale again through your nose again. Repeat the process for 50 breaths, focusing on the pumping action of the abdomen so that the exhalation remains active and the inhalation passive. Keep your gaze focused on one point during the process and try not to move your shoulders or body. Once the final round of pumping is completed inhale through your nose, and this time relax and exhale out through your mouth. Feel the tingling sensation and heat generated in the entire skull. Now close your eyes and see beyond the physical and behind the veil.

Practice Technique 4: Detox and Green Juicing for clairsentience.

Finally, if you desire to obtain powers of clairsentience, then care, compassion, and friendliness are the key qualities that must be developed. You should practice clearing yourself of speciesism including preconceived thoughts, judgements, actions, and prejudices towards those with fur, feathers, scales, and wings. By cleansing and detoxing your physical body of harmful and violent foods and practicing “ahimsa” non-harming towards all sentient beings, causing the least pain and injury to the animals, the planet, and to ourselves, you will become in tune with all life and achieve supernatural abilities to communicate telepathically with other creatures, plants, minerals, ethereal beings, and spirits.

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Evangeline is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Communications. She is an empath and intuitive spiritual healer and coach helping people achieve true wealth as health, prosperity, vitality, and longevity. An enlightened diet and compassionate lifestyle are the foundation of her teachings, healings and for developing intuitive psychic abilities. She is available for a variety of readings (career, love, relationships), however she specializes in one-on-one virtual appointments with clients using not only tarot, but also other intuitive methods to get to the source of their questions, blockages, issues and goals.


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