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Published Date 8/3/2018
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Tap into your brainpower to develop your psychic skills.

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Part of being psychic is sometimes using “both sides of the brain.”  The ability to be open to feelings and using all the senses taking in information, (boosting our own brain power up a few amps) is a feeling we wish for everyone. Of course, we're still human and we are always looking for ways to boost brain power.

As we learn more and more about energies the vast universe has to offer, isn't it wonderful to know that in truth you can tap into them all for yourself?  Yes, you can catch the energies one by one as if in a magic bubble popping game you play on your Smartphone.  Think of each bubble you pop as being a bit of positive energy you can develop that will boost your brainpower and then some.  Being open and thoughtful to changing the way you think, literally can change everything in your life!

By investigating meta-physics, the psychology of the mind and a vast variety of mind-opening information, we have shaped our critical thinking which is critical. Thinking is shaped quite differently in everyone, as we all have unique upbringings and genetics, including the ability to choose our own paths. 

Think of yourself as a flower with petals and as the petals fall off new more beautiful ones emerge. The changes rid old dying parts of the flower, only to create a fresher new-look and life in us, like how a flower renews and grows.

Don't Be Stubborn to Change
We can all be a bit stubborn at times, we have our own ways. Try changing just one way of thinking. For instance, if you're convinced you will never find love try being convinced that you will. After all, it manifests if we know we have and that's true magic, right?

As psychics, we tap into the unconscious mind, and we all have the ability to do the same. You can start your wonderful journey into your own unconscious mind by learning more the types of psychic abilities and the tools we use to break through, and then practicing each one for yourself. For instance, have you asked yourself any of the following?

1) What is a clairvoyant? How do they see what they see?
2) What does it mean to read someone’s energy, without tools?
3) How are the cards read?  This could include tarot cards or other tools including angel oracle decks, pendulums and crystals.

Your journey to boosting your brainpower starts in using your powerful mind to its fullest. Each day learn more about how the mind works, and the tools that psychics use to develop their own powers to see and to feel and you will begin to tap into your own psychic skills without even realizing it!

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