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View to Your Hue: Red Aura Meaning Guided Meditation By Psychic Lacey

Date 9/21/2023
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Understand the true essence of several types of red auras and all the ways they can manifest itself in your life with this in-depth podcast and article by Psychic Lacey.

Blessed by creation, we all have a bio-magnetic or auric field that contains seven layers. This auric field exudes a certain color that provides information about the person, their path, talents, and personality. It can manifest in assorted rays of colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The hue is often linked to a chakra. In addition, colors can interchange depending on how our energy changes.

Auras can be viewed by those who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses or psychic gifts. It is thought that the auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person. Let us look at the essence of a red person.

Red Aura Personality

Red Aura Personality

Goal oriented and very focused, a person with a red aura tends to follow their own rules. They are high achievers and high-fliers and often move into management roles. Red aura people are born leaders who stand out from the crowd. Truth and reality are important to them. This leads them to be very outspoken, with stubborn tendencies. These souls love adventure and often enjoy adrenaline-fueled experiences. This is part of their fire energy within them that drives them. They tend to be passionate people full of energy and life.

This hue brings out a sensual side to this confident soul. They love themselves and are very open with their body or comfortable in their own skin. Those with this color aura see their own value. Brave and outspoken, red aura people do not allow fear to manifest within themselves or in their life. They have a clear vision of their purpose and goals. The journey is as enjoyable as reaching their destination. Spiritual matters aren’t usually a high priority for them as they are mainly connected to the physical world, preferring it to the spiritual world. 

Red Aura Life Path and Career

Red Aura Life Path and Career

This hue in a person allows them to attract wealth and abundance. They always tend to have their finances in order. It’s not unusual to find red aura people in high-end paid managerial positions or running their own business. They are very influential and manifest success easily. Their nature can appear difficult and firm, especially in business matters. However, these traits often work to their advantage.

Positions for red aura people also include military, political, police force, or salespeople. They are not afraid to use their voice. There is authority in their energy. People tend to look up to them or follow them.

Shades of Red Aura

Shades of a Red Aura

Light Red

This hue often shows a person that expresses themselves by giving unconditional love. They tend to be healers or teachers, guiding others on a path of love. A bit of an exception from other shades of red aura people, those with a light red aura are highly intuitive and psychic and can feel the energy of others. They are often spiritual leaders that teach love, compassion, and kindness. These souls tend to feel connected to the higher source of power. They will often have big numbers of followers who often see them as gods or anointed souls that carry the divine light of pure source energy.

Murky Red

These defensive souls will fight for how they see things. Nothing will make them change their views or beliefs. They tend to be very withdrawn and often block themselves from the world and people. Murky red aura people struggle with rage, anger, and a very low self-esteem. They can create a lot of conflict and attract a lot of negative emotions and experiences. Disagreements and bullying can often be expected with this murky red hue around a person.

Bright Red Aura

A bright red auric field indicates a person filled with purpose and goals. Not only are they good at setting goals, but they also know how to achieve them. Bright red aura people know what they want in life and do not fear to act. They prefer to be in the now and to take advantage of all the universe bestows on them. These souls are passionate, full of life, and only see the positive in every situation. They tend to follow their dreams to achieve their desired outcome. Not at all shy, bright red aura people love to get attention and stand out from the crowd. These active souls are very focused, making all their moves with their end game in mind.

Dark Red

This auric hue indicates a very driven person that focuses on achieving status, fame, and fortune. Money and power drive them. If these areas are affected negatively, they become overly sensitive and feel they are losing their control. Dark red aura people love to be in control and can use manipulation to achieve their desired outcome. They can be possessive, aggressive, or jealous in their relationships. Past hurts linger in their feelings for a long time, especially if they are prone to replaying hurtful memories or thoughts.

If this auric color turns to red/black, it means the person can feel stuck and will often attract further misery, pain, and suffering.

Red-Orange Aura

These creative souls tend to be full of life. They are joy in anyone’s company, ensuring there is entertainment and laughter. Red-orange aura people are full of passion and vitality, but they have a very balanced ego. They tend to stay away from negative people or experiences.

Red Aura Chakra

Chakra Associated with a Red Aura

Red auras are associated with the base or root chakra. This chakra represents stability, security, and safety. The base chakra is our foundation. It needs to be steady to set up balance in our lives.  

The root chakra also indicates resilience which affects our emotional and physical body. It roots us in the physical world and grounds us. This chakra is also in charge of our fight and flight syndrome and will often affect our response to situations. If a person has a healthy red aura, they will always be energized full of energy. They will feel active and physically fit. However, red aura people can be easily overstimulated and bring in excessive amounts of energy and vitality.

A psychic healer can assist in balancing the chakra to bring in more balanced energy and to teach a person to read their own energy and to make changes to support them and their future.

The Disadvantage of Having a Red Aura

An out of balance red hue can bring in an energy of anger, conflict, and manipulation. These souls tend to create drama. Everything becomes a competition with them, and they have a strong need to be first. Their love of being in control can often make red aura people come across as cold, distant, and aloof. They struggle with anger and with jealousy and need to find a way to balance these tendencies. Red aura people can distance themselves from others with their need for control or inability to compromise on a point of view. Change is a big struggle for them. They make very quick decisions that often backfire on them. If they are not careful, they can burn themselves out, feeling tired and exhausted. Energy healing or working with a psychic healer can help and assist in balancing the aura and chakras of a person.

Red Aura Love and Romance

Love and Romance

Red aura people do not do boring. Their relationships are often very adventurous. They love to explore their sensual sides and get close and personal with their lover. But their fiery side means their relationships can have distinct highs and lows. They tend to only see things their way and find changing their ways hard. This can lead to conflict or stubborn energy that can break a relationship down.

Red aura people like the thrill of the chase, which sometimes leads to creating push and pull relationships. Chemistry is very important to them, and they tend to be very romantic. They prefer partners that are physically attractive to them as it stimulates all their senses. Sensory pleasure is very important to them.

Do I Have a Red Aura

How Do I Know If I Have a Red Aura? 

Are you lovable, full of energy and adventure? Ready to speak up and to use your voice? Do you experience anger and stubbornness and find it hard to change or see others’ views? Do you love deeply but also love the chase of love? Do you feel the need to control everything in life and often others? Do you tend to use all your senses and focus more on the material side of life? Then, you have a red aura hue around you.

Can I Have a Red Aura?

Anyone can have a red aura, the more you visualize and focus on the color the more you can manifest this hue. Please follow this guided red aura meditation to help you create a red aura. Wearing red clothing can help you enhance your red aura. Please note that this meditation will help you to manifest a red aura, as visualization manifests into reality when we focus. However, this meditation should be followed daily or weekly to allow you as an individual to maintain this vibrational energy level. I so look forward to guiding you on your path.

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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng-shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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