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View to Your Hue: Blue Aura Meaning Guided Meditation by Psychic Lacey

Date 9/21/2023
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Understand the true essence of blue auras and all the ways it can manifest itself in your life with this in-depth podcast and article by Psychic Lacey.

Blessed by creation, we all have a bio-magnetic or auric field that contains seven layers. This auric field exudes a certain color that provides information about the person, their path, talents, and personality. It can manifest in assorted rays of colors depending on feelings, emotions, and current thoughts. The hue is often linked to a chakra. In addition, colors can interchange depending on how our energy changes.

Auras can be viewed by those who have opened their inner and outer spiritual senses or psychic gifts. It is thought that the auric color can give you the essence of the soul and tell you more about the true nature of a person. Let us look at the essence of a blue person.

Blue Aura Personality

Blue Aura Personality

The blue aura is often related to a person that is calm, sensitive, and very expressive in a very tranquil way. These beautiful souls carry power and strength in their energy field and are seen as highly spiritual. Often psychics, mediums or spiritual healers will carry this color in their auric field. Spiritually connected to the universe, they are powerful and carry themselves with wisdom which often allows them to teach and guide others. Communication is their strength. They are unique and do not hide themselves from the world.

These beautiful souls are connected to spirit and the universe and walk a path truly devoted to being guided by source and guiding others on their soul journey. They are gurus, guides who stand up for all creation and humanity. Rooted within the earth to support mother-earth, blue aura people are grid workers devoted to support and guide. They tend to be committed to the cause. These beautiful souls have mastered inner peace when there is turmoil.

Blue Aura Life Path and Career

These souls tend to move into creative expressive careers such as writing or singing. They tend to be able to express themselves easily. The more spiritual they are, the more they are drawn to act as gurus, spiritual healers, psychics, mediums, or spiritual teachers. Blue aura people are magnificent in being an open channel and can readily multitask. These genuine souls and love to create, express and guide. People look up to them and follow them as their energy is very magnetic and brings in enlightenment.

 Shades of Blue Aura

Shades of a Blue Aura

Light Blue

This color aura indicates a person who is open and very expressive, able to communicate effortlessly. A light blue aura indicates an unshakable connection to the higher self. This is an individual guided by spirit. People with light blue auras are true and pure channels of energy. Successful psychics and gurus carry this auric field.

Royal Blue

This color aura indicates a person who can see multiple possibilities in a situation and is naturally able to go towards the one that will benefit them most. They always find an open door or an opportunity. Royal blue aura people are positive and love to create flow. They tend to be highly intuitive and will only trust their heart and soul to guide them. Their focus is balance and divine alignment.

Bright Blue

This color aura indicates a person that is highly connected to source, heaven, or spirit. These are very empathic and generous souls, who are always present to support people or a community. They are strong guides, teachers, or leaders. People tend to look up to them. Bright blue aura people are givers of love and compassion. Meditation and fasting are preferred methods of strengthening their auras. Bright blue aura people tend to spend a lot of time in nature or separate from others to ensure their energy stays strong.

Dark Blue

This color aura indicates a person that is extremely sensitive and highly intuitive. They tend to be very calm in nature, not allowing any negative energy, vibration, emotions, or feelings to manifest and change their aura. Dark blue aura people transform negative into positive with compassion and love. They have learned the keys of the universe to bring in inner peace in every situation. Due to their nature, they tend to be extremely sensitive to others’ feelings or their environment. They will remove people out of their space or move away from a toxic environment. Because of their sensitivity, they may not trust people or the world very easily.

Turquoise Blue

This color aura indicates a person that is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They tend to be unique in their own ways. Turquoise blue aura people are sensitive, bringing in love and compassion to guide and support others. People tend to be drawn to these warm and caring souls. There is something so unique and intriguing about them. Turquoise blue aura people tend to be good at teaching, leading, and writing. They love to express themselves and never shy away from being their authentic selves.

Cloudy or Muddy Blue

This color aura indicates a person that is ruled by fear and insecurity. They fear everything and tend to make bad choices or decisions based on fear. Because they are extremely sensitive souls, they tend to feel everyone is judging them or the world is against them. Their whole foundation is built on fear and anxiety. They often have a pale skin tone or carry a lot of coldness within their body. Those with a cloudy or muddy blue aura shy away from the world and often hide or isolate themselves.

Blue Aura Throat Chakra

Chakra Associated with a Blue Aura

The throat chakra is associated with the blue aura person. This chakra allows us to express our inner being. The brighter the hue the more expressive a person is. They tend to sing or use their voice loudly. Blue aura people are excellent communicators and love to talk about their creations or projects they work on. Incredibly good at voicing their will, they often have a good flow between the throat chakra and the solar plexus chakra that houses the will.

This combination creates success as they follow through and express their desires, needs, and creativity. The rounder or brighter the hue of the sphere, the more the person expresses themselves. They are excellent at helping others. In stressful situations they can create calmness and reassurance.

A blocked throat chakra indicates a person that is not able to express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, or desires. These souls might have extensive ideas, but they keep everything hidden within. They tend to be shy or introverts by nature. It is likely that they were not allowed as children often to express themselves, which will affect them later in life. They can at times be seen as arrogant, cold, or distant.

If a person’s throat chakra remains blocked, illness or a sore throat will occur. The more blocked a person’s throat chakra is, the smaller and more stagnant their auric field will be.

Blue Aura

The Disadvantage of Having a Blue Aura

These souls can often cut themselves or shy away from the world. They often keep all their feelings and emotions inside. They attract a lot of negative energy to them for not speaking up or sharing their views or thoughts. They tend to become a follower instead of a leader if their auric field is weak or dark. Blue aura people can easily become withdrawn, cold, distant, and feel that they are not worthy of good things. When that happens, they lose their ability to express themselves, which affects every part of their lives. They often have great ideas but are unable to manifest this as they are not able to express their needs.

A lot of anger can manifest in this area as emotions are blocked out and not expressed. Trauma healing can help these souls to rebalance the chakra and assist the person to shift their aura to become bright blue as they learn to become more expressive.

Love and Romance

A person with a blue auric field tends to choose partners that allow them to express themselves and stimulate their mental mind. They want someone that supports them and joins them on their path and journey. They tend to look for spiritual love and meaningful connections and avoid superficial ones. Those with a blue aura attracted calming connections that are supportive of their life path.

Blue Aura

How Do I Know I Have a Blue Aura? 

A blue colored aura is often related to being expressive, highly intuitive, and sensitive with excellent communication skills. Those surrounded by this magnificent blue hue will often be gurus, teachers, psychics, mediums, singers, or writers. Blue aura people are here to heal others or to show love and compassion. They help guide humanity with their desire for world peace. Their inner peace and inner love help demonstrate how to create calmness in others. Blue aura people tend to stand out from the crowd. Highly skilled, knowledgeable souls with wisdom beyond their years, they know both how to lead and how to trust the universe and spirit to lead them.

Can I Have a Blue Aura?

Anyone can have a blue aura. The more you visualize and focus on the color the more you can manifest this hue. Please follow this guided blue aura meditation to help you create a blue aura. Wearing Blue clothing can help you enhance your blue aura. Please note that this meditation will help you to manifest a blue aura, as visualization manifests into reality when we focus. However, this meditation should be followed daily or weekly to allow you as an individual to maintain this vibrational energy level. I so look forward to guiding you on your path.

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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng-shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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