Using Numerology to Decode the Coming Year by Psychic Karin Marie

Published Date 12/13/2012
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A Numerology Reading can tell you what's in store for 2013

Numerology is an easy way to see what is going to be happening  in the New Year. Life happens in cycles, but how do you predict what part of the cycle you are in?

It is easy to figure out! Then it becomes easy to see where you are now and know and where you are headed. Your birth day and birth month are all you need.  

Let’s go ahead and look at the World number for 2013 since that’s what were all thinking about, right? 2013 is a World Year of 6. As an example we will break down the birthday of August 28. We add 8+2+8 =18, 1+8=9. So 9 is the number we add to the world number (9+6= 15 ; 1+5=6) So for this example 2013 is a personal year of 6. So you may be thinking, “She’s right, that was easy to figure out, BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”

Here is the simple break down of what each personal year means.

Personal Year of:

(1) You are at the beginning of the cycle, literally new beginnings across your life. You can be #1 at whatever you put your mind to, so go after it and achieve it.
(2) This is the year were you are going to be focused more on your emotional side. Connection with family and loved ones maybe even starting that new relationship you have been hoping for. 

(3) This is your year to stretch those creative muscles and add excitement to your life. You will find yourself being the center of attention, and you will want to live your life in a big way.

(4) This is the year of the mind, making plans, leaning new things start using your skills and work on improving them.

(5) A five year can be a whirl wind. All those plans your have been making? They probably aren’t going to work out the way that you thought, but don’t worry this is a year that the universe takes over, and is going to start putting opportunities in your life to help you achieve your goal. 

(6) This is a year to focus on home and family after that crazy five year. Activities like redecorating your home or even moving to a better place are common activities in a 6 year.

(7) You faith is going to be tested this year. Be prepared to gain wisdom through a lot of hard work.

(8) This is a money year for most people. Establishing security and getting the job done is what needs to happen. 

(9) You are at the end of the cycle. A time for personal and emotional house cleaning so that there is space in life to begin the cycle again. 

If you would like a more complete breakdown of what your personal year means for you, I would love to speak to you and we can see together. Give me a call. Have a blessed day!

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