Using Divination to Make a Decision by Psychic Neil

Published Date 7/7/2014
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All you need is a coin and your intuition to make a decision.

When faced with a yes or no decision, many times you do actually know the direction forward in such circumstances. Your knowing is deep and constant, after all. You might be resistant, afraid or uncertain but underneath it all you know the next step. The insight is in your bones.

This said, however, there are occasions when you don’t. Sometimes the question is there—yes or no?—but insight can’t be found. You try to settle yourself by tuning into the breath, relaxing the body, and calming the mind. Still the answer can’t be found. These are moments in which help is wholly appropriate. A good ally to reach for here is divination.

Divination is a process near as old as humanity itself. It’s the practice of seeking insight through a standardized (some would say ritualized) process. There are many different kinds of divination,  such as cleromancy. In this process, items such as coins, stones, or bones are cast in an effort to know. The I Ching belongs to this category of divination, though certainly your work with this art need not be so elaborate.

In fact, you can access the wisdom of divination quickly and easily whenever you find yourself lacking the insight required right now:

1. Gather seven coins. These need not be the same denomination. Each coin will have one side heads and another tails. Determine which side will
represent “yes” and which will represent “no.” Write this down.

2. Take a few moments to settle. Assume a good seat, elongate the spine, lift the top of the head and breathe for a few moments. Relax into the body.

3. Once settled, take your coins in hand and formulate a question. “Can I be happy in this relationship?” is a good example of such an inquiry. “Which of these suitors is better for me?” in contrast, is not. Let the question permeate your body.

4. When even the coins feel permeated by your question, drop them on the surface in front of you. Count the number of heads and tails to determine which predominates. The face that appears with greatest frequency is your answer. If, for instance, you throw five heads and two tails, and you designated heads as “yes” then the answer to your question is affirmative.

5. Once you’ve thrown your coins and received your answer, take a few moments to settle again. Return to step 2 above. Let yourself feel the answer in your body. Let the wisdom begin to sink into your being. Let yourself begin to feel the knowing of the reply start to shape your life, guide you forward, and direct you into that next step.
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