Updating The Psychic Stereotype

Published Date 4/8/2016
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Is she what you picture when you hear the word "Psychic"?

Picture it: you are in one of those idealistic Norman Rockwell American towns with a picturesque main street lined with the most adorable little restaurants and shops. Whether it be in a beachy tourist town or an historical New England hamlet, you know the type. If you zoom in a little on the image, you will be able to find a sign somewhere among the souvenir shops, eateries, and chambers of commerce that reads, “Psychic Readings” or something of the sort. 

Upon entering, what do you see? What do you smell? When you pay for your reading and go back to one of the reading rooms in the back of the store, who do you see? All of these images you see in your minds’ eye might be clear as a bell simply because, like me, you personally frequent some of these same types of shops. Or, what you might see in your mind is there because many of us have been to similar places and smelled the incense and paid to see what we were hoping would be a woman in a long flowing gypsy skirt, smelling of patchouli, gazing into a crystal ball, and telling us all of the answers to our questions. 

We are certainly not suggesting that the image of the “gypsy psychic” is a bad one; in fact, some of our advisors most beloved mentors embrace this image and we would not want to imagine them any other way. However, we often wonder if this stereotypical image is what people still will see when, at a PTA meeting, telling someone they work as a psychic.  But rejoice, time are changing, and our psychics can finally proudly answer the question, “What do you do for a living?”

Coming out of the Broom Closet
Believe us when we say that we know what it is like to be in the psychic closet. We like to call it the “broom closet.” We imagine most psychics would say that they have felt the pull to keep a type of Clark Kent/Superman dynamic in their lives, even if just for privacy. Part of the past experiences of many of our psychics included a few contracts as a live storefront psychic in towns just like the one we asked you to imagine above. In these types of establishments, the image of the gypsy psychic is giving way to a more modern image; one who has traded in her flowing skirt for a pair of comfortable jeans and a cute sweater. 

There will always be the beloved old-school images that form in our minds, but what really matters the most is that our neighbors and friends can see beyond this stereotypical image and embrace the fact that there are psychics from all walks of life, cultures, races, ages, and with many varying fashion tastes. We often wonder if this stereotype can be damaging to our credibility as a company with professional psychics. 

A New Era of Psychics
Are professional psychics more respected in this new era of evolving social acceptance, open-mindedness, and reality TV? The answer may lie in how true they are to themselves in their own images as professional psychics. Do they feel pressured to use industry catch-phrases and trends, or are they confident in our own unique image as psychics? 

The Psychic Advisors at Psychic Source are the new era of psychics; they have the power to change the way people stereotype psychics by seeing their careers as normally as anyone else sees their own. And, when they are asked what they do for a living, whether it is at a PTA meeting or the doctor’s office, they will stand tall in their yoga pants and sweatshirt and proudly proclaim, “I am a professional psychic.” After a while, the old stereotypes will be replaced with, well, our psychics.

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