Understanding the various meanings behind the King of Wands

Published Date 2/26/2013
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Understanding the various meanings behind the King of Wands

A tarot reading is a great way to gain insight into what the future holds for everything from your love life to your career, but how well do you know the meanings of each card? Understanding the significance of the tarot cards in a deck can help you get more out of your readings. It can also help you engage in a dialogue with your psychic, using the cards as a jumping off point for a fruitful discussion about the subtle points and various meanings that the cards can hold. 

One card that might appear in your spread is the King of Wands. Depending on how it's presented during your session, it can hold various meanings. If the King of Wands is right-side up during your reading, this may indicate that you're a strong leader and have a prime opportunity to execute a creative plan. This card can also mean that you're in a viable position to execute change in your life.

When the King of Wands appears upside down during a reading, it can be a sign that you have high, unreasonable expectations. Furthermore, it might indicate that you're prone to making ruthless decisions and actions.

If you're interested in learning more about the King of Wands or other tarot cards, speak to your psychic for more insight into their meanings. With his or her guidance, you can gain more knowledge of tarot, and ultimately, yourself.

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