Understanding the meaning of the Emperor in your tarot reading

Published Date 10/14/2012
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Understanding the meaning of the Emperor in your tarot reading

If you enjoy tarot cards and you regularly receive readings, you may be able to get more out of them by understanding the meaning behind each of the cards.

One card that may pop up during your next tarot reading is the Emperor. A father figure sitting upon a throne with a staff and a sword is depicted on the card. If the Emperor pops up during your reading, it could be indicative of a few different things.

This card generally represents strength, strategy and practicality. If it appears right-side up during your reading, it may indicate that you need to take control of your current situation. The Emperor is usually a sign that you should try to assume the role of leader over your environment and those around you, especially if you've been taking a backseat as of late.

If the Emperor appears upside down during your reading, it may be a sign that you are abusing your authority. You may want to take a step back and re-examine how your actions are affecting those around you.

Your trusted psychic can give you more insight into each of the cards and how readings can provide guidance in your everyday life.

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