Understanding Symbolic Reality in Dreams and Tarot by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 7/1/2014
Category: Psychic Topics

Your mind works in mysterious ways.

The key to understanding how the spiritual world works is to understand symbolic reality, found most easily in your dreams.

The symbols in your dreams result from a shuffling in the brain where thoughts and emotions get jumbled up and reassembled in symbolic language. The soul theater of dreams creates a psychic portrait of your state of mind at the time. This includes the infinite part of our mutual "collective unconscious" and our daily self all mixed up and expressed in the word/mind play of dreams. To understand the meaning of these psychic messages we must decode the symbolic keys to them mind theater of the dream time.

You can also find this kind of symbolic resonance in synchronicity—meaningful coincidences that happen as signs or omens to help guide you to a deeper understanding of your life's destiny and your special place in the vast eternity of living, immortal, COSMIC consciousness. Once you begin to perceive these hints from eternity, you realize that the poetic mind of the Universe really does care about you and knows you intimately because these meaningful symbolic coincidences happen in the outside world beyond our control, but they contain very personal messages that are only meaningful to you!

Tarot also uses this symbolic power to synthesize a dream time experience and create a synchronicity for you. The tarot cards use ancient and powerful symbols to paint a psychic portrait of your state of being at the time of the reading and forecast that situation into the future. The tarot, if you’re receptive to its symbolic magic, can actually create new structures—actual physical changes in your brain—to allow you to absorb this mystic knowledge.

A tarot reading from a true practitioner who has studied the symbols and knows how to create a synthesis of the symbols can change your life.

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