Understanding and Embracing the Three cards of Death in the Tarot (Part 3) by Psychic Sara

Published Date 1/19/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The Judgement card signifies an important choice to make

In Parts 1 and 2, we looked at the Death card and the Tower card. Death indicates an internal ending and transformation, and the Tower indicates an external deconstruction. The third main card of death in the Tarot is the Judgement card. Judgement is both a death and a rebirth. The Judgement card is reminiscent of “judgement day”, when our souls are assessed by our “maker”. As in the image on the card where an angel is blasting his horn to awaken us from our graves, when this card comes up in a reading, we are being given a wake-up call.
We are given a chance to awaken and transform ourselves and our lives. We have to choose to die (do nothing) or be reborn (make positive change in our lives). The Judgement card signifies a major turning point, where we can choose to change and become responsible and accountable for ourselves, or choose to stagnate and stay the same. When this wake-up call appears, we are being nudged by the Universe to transform.
The Judgement card calls us to come into our Truth and to become, transform, and be reborn as our True Selves. Embrace the transformations and changes that these three cards of death portend so that you can better your lives and grow into your true you.

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