Understanding and Embracing the Three cards of Death in the Tarot (Part 1) by Psychic Sara

Published Date 1/17/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

The Death Card points to new beginnings

In the Tarot there are three cards that signify death or an ending. These cards are Death, the Tower, and Judgement. Probably the most feared of these three is the Death card, where, depending on the deck, we can see a skeleton in black armor riding a white horse, reminiscent of the horse of the Apocalypse. In most decks, there are dead figures on the ground and others bowing and placating, hoping to be spared. It is an ominous card, but when an ending comes along it opens the way for a new beginning.

When the Death card comes up in a reading it is saying that a phase of growth and transformation, especially one that is internal, emotional, and spiritual is coming and necessary. However, for this internal rebirth to occur, the death of the current emotional and spiritual situation must come first. Often the Death card indicates that the transformation will be stimulated through a crisis, but remember that we also, as always, have the power of choice: how we choose to end things and how we choose to begin the new. 
The Death card is the ultimate journey into the Unknown, out of which we can transform and grow. Just like in the picture, the Death card will lead us towards the rising sun on our own white horse.

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