Understanding a dream of being chased

Published Date 3/10/2013
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Understanding a dream of being chased

While you might look forward to drifting off to sleep every evening, it can become a less-than-pleasant experience once you start to have a recurring negative dream. One vision that many people have involves being chased, whether it's by a fictional creature or another person.

But what does it mean to regularly have a dream of being pursued? The Huffington Post reports that this vision may indicate that you're trying to get away from a specific stressful person or problem in your waking life.

"[You are] being told by your unconsciousness that you're avoiding an issue or a person," Richard Nicoletti, a psychotherapist, told the news source. "Who is chasing you matters. Is it a male, female, animal or an unknown being in the darkness?"

This dream may be able to be stopped by tackling underlying issues and causes of stress in your daily life. Perceiving it as a warning sign can help you make necessary adjustments.

Speak to your psychic who specializes in dream interpretation to learn more about your vision. A psychic chat can validate your visions and give you insight into how to keep them from recurring.

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