Two Perspectives

Date 7/19/2012

Every life situation can be seen in at least two different ways.

Every life situation can be seen in at least two different ways.

In my experience, most callers to Psychic Source are looking for another point of view. Things are happening in their relationships, their careers and families. There has often been a great deal of hand-wringing over and consideration of this fact and, by the time the telephone is reached for, a fresh take is wanted.

In this there is little revelation. I suspect everyone knows that clients of this service are often searching out a new perspective. The purpose of this piece is not to retread this fact, however. It is, instead, to recommend that whenever you dial our number, you consider asking for not one new perspective but two.

Every life situation can be seen in at least two different ways. The first can be described as a relatively ‘narrow’ view. This perspective focuses upon the specific details of a life context or circumstance. If you are having relationship difficulties, for instance, the narrow perspective provides insight into what events might have contributed to these troubles, into what the other person involved might be thinking and/or feeling.

The relatively ‘broad’ perspective, on the other hand, concerns itself with the deeper unfolding reflected in any situation. “What is life telling me here? What is being asked? What do I need to learn?” These are the questions explored from this vantage point. The broad view, then, gives us insight into how a particular event might relate and contribute to our life’s underlying direction.

As we move through life, access to each of these perspectives helps us understand what is happening to us and, consequently, to respond in an appropriate manner. Returning to the relationship above, knowing the other involved may be angry at something we said (narrow perspective) is equally as useful as understanding that confronting anger is an important life challenge for us (broad perspective). In order to most effectively engage the situation, both points of view are necessary. 

Given this, it makes sense for anyone seeking a fresh understanding of a particular life experience to avail themselves of insight from each of these complementary perspectives. For callers to Psychic Source, this points out the value of raising at least two kinds of questions with our advisors: some that touch on the narrow perspective (“What is she feeling right now?”) and others that open up the broad (“What are my challenges and opportunities here?”).

Psychic Source advisors possess skills and abilities that allow clients access to the full range of insight required to engage our lives as skillfully as possible. So the next time you are on the phone, ask your reader not for one new perspective on your situation but two.

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