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Turn Bad Luck and Dark Omens into Good Energy for Manifesting by Psychic Rachelle

Date 10/26/2022
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We have all heard about staying away from certain bad luck signs and superstitions from our families, culture, and history. Most of the bad luck symbols originate from outdated superstitions. But what if there was another way to approach “bad luck”? What if your perception was really the key to eliminating any bad luck from showing up in your life? Well, I will show you how to turn that dark energy into Light, using your mind, heart, and intention. 

Bad Luck Black Cat

Black Cats – What You Believe is What You Conceive!

When you see a black cat crossing your path do you think “Oh no! Bad luck” OR can you see the black cat as a powerful omen of safety and protection? Black cats are actually the farthest thing from being bad luck or negative energies. They raise our vibration, offer protection against dark energies, and historically were revered as very intuitive and spiritual animals.

Witches loved having black cats when they made their brews and healing potions. Black cats were kept in high regard by the ancient Egyptians and safeguarding the temples from dark nefarious energies. You may consider rescuing a black cat now and bringing that good ju ju home with you.

Bad Luck Broken Mirror

Can Breaking a Mirror Mean Something Else?

Break that mirror, and you get seven years of bad luck. Well, it’s only true if you believe that to be true. The origins of this belief come from the Victorian age when mirrors were awfully expensive and replacing one could take years, maybe even seven? Broken glass of course is not ideal and can be a safety hazard, so we can see the logic in this one. But you can reframe this old superstition and turn it into a powerful way of receiving a different message.

What if the next time you break a mirror or see a broken mirror, it is Spirit saying you are transforming from that old you, into a new image of you! The mirror shatters to let you know you are on a new path, a new journey of self-growth and big wins! I’ve had this happen to me several times. Every time I have celebrated the broken mirror and went and bought a new mirror to help me anchor the belief of my new image, and new way of life. This practice is SUPER powerful. Use a broken mirror to MANIFEST your dreams instead of expecting seven years of bad luck.

Bad Luck Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th - The Luckiest Day of the Year!

Yes, you read that correctly. Despite what you have been taught to believe, Friday the 13th can be a lucky day, if you claim it to be! I suggest this to numerous members I read for daily, here on Psychic Source and many have said they now look forward to every Friday the 13th. Make every Friday the 13th the most auspicious, lucky and prosperity filled day possible by setting the intention that it is! Claim this day to be filled with the best opportunities, the best lottery wins, and the best “get back with your ex” days ever. In Italian culture thirteen is actually a most lucky number, and they believe it brings the best opportunities of material wealth.  

Here is a powerful manifestation practice you can do every Friday the 13h. Right after you wake up state aloud to the Universe, your Guides, the Angels, and Spirit that this Friday the 13th is going to grant you magic, prosperity and the biggest wins ever. I remember one member reporting to me they won $100 dollars in a lottery because they claimed good luck on Friday the 13th before heading to the convenience store. 

On average there are two Friday the 13th dates every calendar year, so there will always be one just around the corner. Make the most of it instead of fearing it, because you get to choose, so choose those beliefs wisely.

Bad Luck Sidewalk Crack

Walk on that Crack - You May Heal Your Mother’s Back

This comes from an old child’s rhyme and fears children into believing walking on cracks will harm their family. We can turn this completely around and make this about blocking and clearing negative energies. What if walking on that crack is your statement to the Universe that you are powerful and stronger than any crack and can cross any obstacle that comes your way? Pretty cool right? That crack could be coming from your Guides and as a symbol of you needing to overcome a fear, or perceived limitation in your life. The crack can symbolize an obstacle you are meeting in your present life, and you can either overcome it with your belief that you are stronger, and most capable, or you can believe it will harm you. You have a choice!

Obviously, I'm not promoting walking on dangerous surfaces, but the power of your belief is also your most precious power to create your most treasured reality.  Use it all the time. See the crack in the pavement and say to yourself mentally or aloud, “this will heal my limitation, challenge, or problem in my life right now. I allow Spirit to help me overcome the “cracks” and know my strength is more powerful than any obstacle in my way.”  When you begin to use language in this way, you begin to live from an empowered place. Moment by moment you come to know your true power and strength to affect positive change in every area of your life.

Bad Luck Walk Under Ladder

Walk Under a Ladder and Receive a Huge Blessing

The superstition that walking under a ladder is bad luck is yet another example of historical fears programmed into our psyche. It is obvious that the risk of getting hurt is higher than if you avoided it. But the mere act of walking under a ladder is not going to create misfortune and many years of bad ju ju in your life. You could see the triangle of the ladder as a prism or sacred pyramid symbol, that you can walk through as an initiation rite. Pyramids are considered very sacred and powerful objects and structures that truly protect us and act like satellites for energy transmissions.

How creative can we get?!  What if we believed walking under a ladder would grant us new wealth, new opportunities in our careers, or new energies to walk into a new more elevating relationship? Ladders help us climb higher, so we could see them as symbols of transcending and ascending into higher states of being. Just be careful not to tip the painter working on the top rungs, then he may indeed have something to say about it! 

Bad Luck Spilled Salt

Spilled Salt is Not a Big Fault 

If you spill salt, you can use it to clear and cleanse a space or object. It isn't bad at all. Spilling salt could really be a remarkable thing if you see the salt as a cleansing tool. In many witchcraft practices, salt is considered the master cleanser and ingredient that absorbs negative energies. You can place your crystals, charms, and anything you want to cleanse in salt. You can also put salt on your altar, behind windows, in corners of your rooms and even on your bedsheets, to cleanse and clear the energies.

Salt also was used to preserve foods and keep non-perishables from perishing. Salt can kill bacteria and was used to disinfect wounds before the birth of penicillin. So, spill the salt, and you just may spill great luck all over yourself and life. 

Bad Luck into Good Luck

Power of Your Intention

When you set forth an intention you set forth your energy in motion. Your intentions, beliefs, and thoughts all hold energy. And that is what is creating your life. So bad luck omens do exist, for those that believe in them and those that give them their focus and fears. Fear is one of the lowest vibrations on the planet. So why be afraid of bad luck omens? The Universe always has your back. That is a belief that will safeguard and protect you from any bad luck symbol or omen around.

We are creative beings and thus Creators of our own lives. You get to believe whatever you want. That is true free will. You can create a life with all the best symbols, positive good luck charms and turn anything negative around. Simply by claiming it, stating it aloud and making it so in your mind, heart, and soul.

No object has power until you give it your power and definition. So, give your life powerful symbols that will support you, and take care of you in the best ways possible. The meaning of life is the meaning you give it. So next time you see a black cat, while walking under a ladder on Friday the 13th, go play the Powerball lottery. You just may become the next billionaire :)



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Rachelle is a 5th generation Psychic and Intuitive Healer, a practicing Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and currently is studying heart-brain coherence science and practices. She also teaches breath work, and meditation techniques that heal and enable people to manifest their dreams and deepest desires. Rachelle prefers to use no tools and instead directly connects quickly to her Guides and Source. Her greatest passion is using her intuition to guide members to stay in their own power and live from a place of true strength.



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