Trusting Your Intuition and Enhancing Your Mediumship by Psychic Krissy

Published Date 9/9/2014
Category: Psychic Topics

Open your mind and your heart to the spirit world.

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Being a medium allows spirit on the other side to use you as a translator between the spirit and human world—what a great responsibility! Spirit comes when invited, and when we’re clear-minded and receptive.  Don’t worry, they’re respectful of your personal time (no unwanted bathroom visits) and they’re generally trusting of you to deliver whatever message they’ve bestowed upon you. So fret not, when you have half a bottle of chardonnay, spirit will wait for you to be of sound mind before the communications begins. 

Understand that spirit comes to those who are not afraid and are of clear mind.  Just as some people will never get on a plane or boat, some people will never speak to spirit.  Their mind is turned off/blocked and they’re perhaps afraid of the unknown.  Spirit wants to communicate with loved ones and deliver messages of peace and hope, so they reach out to mediums who will deliver their message.  

I use my spiritual team to provide intuitive enchantment to those wanting to develop their gifts.  I have taught many people how to use their own unique gifts; it’s not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL practice.  Once the mind is open and ready, the channeling begins!  Some of us hear, see, feel as well as communicate through ETA waives.  Over the years I’ve used several different tools to communicate and I’m always amused at the great lengths spirit will go to regarding communication.  

Trust yourself and allow the enhancement to bring love and light!

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