Tips to Strengthen Your Psychic Awareness by Psychic Harland

Date 1/2/2020

A psychic will trust their instinct over emotion!

A psychic will trust their instinct over emotion!

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So you're one of the lucky people in the world who’s not only psychic but has recognized it for what it is (and that you're not crazy!). Congratulations! Being psychic is fun and helpful but finicky. It likes to decide for itself how psychic it allows one to be. Otherwise we’d all be psychic with equal gifts in equal amounts.

Here are some exercises you can do to enhance and strengthen your psychic awareness:

Keep a small book, pad, or a memo on your smartphone handy. When you meet someone for the first time, write down your immediate feelings with either a happy or sad face. Do this with everyone you meet. Later go back and see how right you were. 

When you have a vision or a dream, believe it to be true. Don't be afraid to tell someone even if they don't believe you…especially if the dream is about them. You can save lives this way! 

Remember, emotion is of the brain where instinct is of the spirit. If you listen to your flesh, you will be flawed. Like flesh (sounds creepy right?). In other words, emotion is of the brain and only as old as you are. The soul is eternal and has “been there, done that.” So if you listen to the eternal soul you get eternal wisdom. Flesh will only give you the knowledge of this one little teeny tiny (everyone squint) teeny weeny little lifetime and that doesn't help us much at all.

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Sanane: Dear Harland, Its me Ayse. Thanks for the info. I have all kinds of info that I do not fail what happens and I think you also know this ability that I have, however, it is the future to be able to see thats the challenge , that I cannot tell. Kind regards

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