Therapist Vs. Psychic

Published Date 6/27/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

Our Advisors are here to help.

The key difference for you? Your psychic answers questions. Your therapist wants you to answer your own questions.
That’s almost really it. If you’re feeling lousy, have a muddled mind, don’t know which way to turn or just really want to know whether to take that big risk, you can talk to either a therapist or a psychic, but we’ll answer right away.

Anxiety attacks? Not us. Try Jon Kabat-Zinn or your local psychology school to save money, or visit a psychiatrist without fear. Suicidal? While we are here to listen to you, please call 1800-273-TALK. Neither option is as scary as you think, nor will anyone label you – just as your psychic won’t label you. We’re just not trained for such things.

But we’re here to answer questions – even ones you don’t know to ask. We’re here to let you know about that job offer, that court case (we’re not lawyers, tho!), and of course to help you decipher that relationship.

And the best part? All these people are anonymous/confidential. We’ll never share your information – we’re not even allowed to contact you outside Psychic Source. Why? Because this way you don’t have to worry about telling us anything. We’re not here to judge you – we’re here to listen, to help, and to guide you in your life.

And please remember – we’re not doctors or medically or psychological experts. We’re professional psychics. We divine for you – we find spiritual paths with you, and we interpret for you. Most of all – we answer your questions...which beats the heck sometimes out of “ do YOU feel about that?”

So please, choose wisely. We’re glad to talk to you day or night, 24/7, 365. But sometimes you might need more than we can offer...and please, if we recommend one of the other options, it’s because we see how those options can benefit you, and we see that option as what it is – the perfect answer to your question.

Make it a great day!

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