The Truth vs. Fiction about Spiritual Readings by Psychic Adele

Published Date 6/12/2016
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Don't become frustrated if your last psychic reading didn't go as expected.

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I realized early on as a spiritual advisor that my clients placed tremendous trust in me and my intuitive gifts. Having these abilities carries with it the burden of using them to the fullest to provide for others valuable insight and solutions. Most of the time, I am able to give people the answers they need to help them move towards peace and happiness. I strive to be honest and clear minded during my readings, to give my clients the best possible options for their future.

There are times, however, when my clients are less than satisfied with the readings I provide for them. Experience and observation has taught me that during the times when clients get disappointed in their readings, there is a disconnect between the clients' expectations and the reality of the insights provided in the sessions. 

The Three Most Common Misconceptions of Spiritual Readings:

1. Readings are always accurate. 

No advisor, no matter how gifted or reputable, has any monopoly on the Universal Truth. Any vision or intuitive insight into any situation, person or thing, goes through the filters of that advisor's life experiences. Therefore, there is always a margin of error in every reading. To expect otherwise would set one up for chronic disappointment.

2. Readings are absolute. 

When asking about timelines, description of future events and other visionary questions, you must realize that the future is never set in stone. An advisor can only see the future in relation to a client's present reality, which consists of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. This means that at any point, each person's future reality can change when their decisions change at the present moment.

3. Readings are magical. 

Psychic ability is not based on magic. They are inborn talents each advisor possesses. Every advisor has their own unique mix of abilities that make them capable of serving others in different ways. No advisor can realistically and honestly claim that he or she have all the skills needed to solve every person's problem. 

Realizing and accepting these basic facts about intuitive readings helps both advisors and clients have a more satisfactory and enjoyable experience during their sessions. This way, advisors are able to empower their clients to judge the truth for themselves, and encourage them to make decisions that are in alignment with their true path.

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WordSong: I Love this article. It is so true about the misconceptions.

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