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Published Date 1/18/2018
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1/18/2018 is a very significant date this year.

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Today is January 18th, 2018.  Did you know today’s date holds a lot of significance for the year ahead based on numerology and the Tarot?

Let’s explore this by breaking down the digits of the date.  There are several ways to look at it.  We can use the value of the date and year of 18 on its own without doing anything. We break down the specific digits of 18 where 1+8=9.  We can also evaluate the year overall so 2+0+1+8=11. Or we can take the entire date of 1/18/2018 and condense it to 1+1+8+2+0+1+8=21.  So many options, each with unique and interesting perspectives. 

Using the above 4 methods, the Tarot Cards we end up with are as follows:

18 in Tarot - THE MOON
9 in Tarot - THE HERMIT
21 in Tarot - JUDGEMENT 
11 in Tarot - JUSTICE 

Remember 18 breaks down to 9 (8+1) in numerology. The symbolism of the number nine itself is that of mystic power and wisdom. The number Nine is the mystic number because it is the last of the single digits. Ten begins the cycle again so the number nine is the culmination and accomplishment of wisdom, and the ability to endure isolation with grace and be patience and humble enough to begin the path of the sage or wise woman who can translate spiritual truth into psychic readings, mythical and sacred stories, teachings, lectures, music, art and poetry. 

Of course, now the question is… 

As a Tarot Reader I would have to say THE MOON/THE HERMIT/JUDGEMENT/JUSTICE is a very powerful collection of symbols with an equally powerful message for the coming year. 

THE MOON represents things that are hidden or secret far below the surface of our conscious world and our daily self. The Moon reaches deep into the psychic infinity of our inner world reflected in dreams and sub conscious and collective unconscious thoughts and feelings. The symbolic language is the Universal Language more precise than words. It can convey emotion as well, one that reaches even the infinite psychic depths, symbols, in dreams or Tarot or coincidence. It gives the conscious mind the ability to go down into the hidden inner worlds of dreams and the inner eternity of our total being. It runs deep down, all the way to our still and silent witness at the center of all being that I call the “Poetic Mind of the Youniverse.” 

THE HERMIT is the wise one who studies long and hard, devoting the lonely hours to seeking out the great truths of the YOUniverse and the World. This wise and eternal being wanders far from the houses and the towns where the people live their lives and raise their families among their beloved souls. The Hermit is the wanderer who goes up into the remote mountain tops alone to contemplate existence and to learn the eternal truths to serve humanity and help to make the world a better place for all life. 

is an event that puts the past to rest in some way. The Archangel Gabriel blows her horn at the end of the world! A new world is at hand where Divine Love brings the earth peace, love and enlightenment! A firm decision has been made to progress and expand the goodness and let the past mistakes and disappointments fade away and be forgotten! 

is also the power of Karmic and Human Law to do what is right and to give all life an equal chance to get what is deserves. It harmonizes and balances the excesses of selfishness and violence with enlightenment, mercy, law and punishment. 

2018 – A Year of Spiritual Enlightenment
2018 will be a year of revealing the deep and secret recesses of the human psyche, both good and bad! Spiritual enlightenment and psychic experiences, powerful and prophetic dreams or visitation from beyond, creative visions, or the hidden darkness of sexual abuse and violence, it is all within us and it is symbolized by the secret hidden illusions of THE MOON. 

But THE HERMIT promises redemption through humble wisdom that leads to a new era of goodness and knowledge which learns from the mistakes of the past and retrains the evil and fosters the good. For only the good will endure in time and all that is evil will eventually fall way. The consequences of evil are harmful and terrifying, the consequences of the good are joyful, innocent, and inspiring!

I believe 2018 will begin to bring out the best in our humanity and a willingness to progress our civilization after a good hard look at our weaknesses, ignorance and shortcomings. We will decide to be decent and generous people again and give up the violence, perversity, and selfishness that will have come to light among those addicted to power. 

I firmly believe we are now seeing the initiation of the world into the New Age of Aquarius, and 2018, like 1968, will see a transformation begin in our whole society toward peace over war, innocence and divine love over sexual aggression and pornography, wisdom over wealth, and enlightenment over exploitation! In the Age of Aquarius, every person will be a divinely inspired caretaker of all life on the planet! 

JUDGEMENT ends the major powerful cards in the Tarot. I believe that 2018 will be a time of discovery of our true spiritual humanity-morally and spiritually-learning the light, dark and grey wisdom that does not deny the natural world, but deifies it.  This will bring our earthly desires in tune with our spiritual desire for a clean, safe and free world where all life can grow and prosper. Humanity can take its true humble place between the stars and the earth, the semi-divine yet humble children, caretakers of Mother Earth, and the devoted worshippers of a living and loving Youniverse of infinite infinities will stretch out in all directions!

Have a Happy and Enlightening 2018!

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