The Symbolic Art of Tarot Reading by Psychic Anthony

Date 4/9/2015

Understand the connection between tarot and the spirit world.

Understand the connection between tarot and the spirit world.

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It's TAROT MONTH at Psychic Source. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday in April, enjoy a new article about Tarot Card readings. Also, look for a very fun and unique Tarot experience coming later this month you won't want to miss!

Tarot and the Spirit World
A psychic tarot reader is able to see beyond time and space into the subtle realms of the future and the Spirit World. The Spirit World is a symbolic realm and spirits can reach us through the symbolic power of mediums, dreams, synchronicity, tarot, i-ching and runes in the hands of a wise and knowledgeable psychic. 

Try to understand that this is a spiritual art practiced by loving and sensitive people. I find that I must "get into the reading" after laying out my cards and after a few minutes I begin to see the symbolic connections. It sometimes takes a minute or two for our energies to mix together, so please give it a little time to work. 

Tarot is Not Science
Also you must try to understand that this is a psychic art; it is not science. Tarot cannot usually tell you specific names or times necessarily, but it can show you your present, past, and future and give you the best way to make progress considering your circumstances. 

Tarot is Psychological
It can look deep inside your mind and heart-and into the minds and hearts of those you love and care for, or those with whom you work, or those you hope to get to know and love. This is what it is best at. 

Tarot reading is a symbolic art.

The Symbolic Reality of Tarot
Symbolic reality is refined and sacred. It is not proper to use these arts for unearned monetary gain such as gambling. It won't work that way. To use that as a reason to call sincere psychics "frauds" only shows a lack of higher consciousness and a faith that there is much more to our being than can be seen on the surface! 

The great psychic medium Edgar Cayce was 80% accurate diagnosing serious illnesses but when the rich bankers asked him to speculate on the stock market or horse racing, if he did, he would get terribly sick. He started screening requests after that. That's just how true spirituality works. It's SPIRITUAL!

Using your Mind’s Eye
Also it is important to use your mind's eye to "see" the thing or person that is concerning you while I shuffle the cards for you. We are energy beings just temporarily encased in this physical body to work out some life lessons. 

Life's true art is gathering questions so get your questions ready. Grab a notebook to take notes, take a deep breath, and see your concern in your mind's eye and give me or one of our gifted tarot readers a call or a chat! You will not be disappointed by the sacred symbolic power of the ancient tarot! 

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