The Sun may represent hope and fulfillment in your future

Published Date 7/23/2012
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The Sun may represent hope and fulfillment in your future

Before you receive your next tarot reading, you might want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the meanings of some of the cards. Doing so can help you better understand the results of your reading when you sit down.

One card that may come up during your reading is the Sun. On the card, you will see a depiction of a bright sun in the sky, which hints at its overall meaning. When it appears right-side up in a reading, the Sun has positive implications.

This card often represents your inner light and vibrancy. Opposite of the Moon, the Sun can signify optimism, hope and fulfillment. However, if the Sun appears upside-down in a reading, it may be tougher to draw the positive from the card.

An upside-down Sun typically represents upcoming difficulty while trying to see the bright side of things in a rough situation.

To learn more about tarot and the meaning of the cards, don't hesitate to speak to your psychic. A reading can give you insight into what the future holds for you in the cards.

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